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Mom's Diary II (Ep. 15)

Everytime there is a family meeting, that child tries to go into Oryou-san's futon.

...Oryou-san loves that child as if it were her darling angel. She doesn't mind any insolence done by that child. It's safe to say that she cuddles that child like a pet kitten.

I scold that child as a duty of being her mother. I scold formally until Oryou-san says 'it's okay' at least three times. That child however, would never listen to me. ...That child behaves accordingly as she knows that Oryou-san's influence is greater than mine.

That's another reason why I don't like that child; it's her precocious attitude.

The problem not only lies with Oryou-san loving her as an angel, it's practically all the elderly residents here as well.

I was shocked one day. I saw that child at a candy shop as I was walking home with the groceries the other day. That child hurriedly opened up a fistful of candy and started putting them into her mouth. She had no intention of paying for it, nor did she care if anyone was looking or not. It was more atrocious than shoplifting; she ate them as if someone gave them to her.

But when I started to scold that child for what she had just done, the elderly candy shop owner came out to protect her. Unbelievably, he came out to defend that child by stating that he allowed her to eat any candy she likes whenever she feels like so. I tried in vain to at least pay for what she just ate, but the owner stringently refused. As I protested at the child's actions, more and more of the elderly began to crowd for her defense. I began to feel that I was the one that had done some wrongdoing.

The elderly villagers clasps their hands towards her as they mumble their thanks time and time again. ...Since I was born as a member of the Furude family as well, I do know how special that child is treated by the residents.

Back when I was little, my grandmother used to tell me many things like, "...when you grow up and have a child, and if that child is a girl, ...then that child is a reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama."

The elderly blindly believes that she is indeed the reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama. And not only do they give their devoted love towards her, they put bizzare ideas into her head such as "being the reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama," "having shamanic powers with the god," etc. etc. Perhaps these might be the reason why that child believes that she is special than anyone else.

I desperately try to stop the elderly in putting things into her head for her own maturity. Unfortunately, there is no use to impede against their superstitions that had been implanted for generations. I constantly tell that child not to listen to the tall-tales of the elderly, but in contrast, it is me that the child does not listen to.

If it was between the elderly who reveres her versus her own mother that constantly lectures her, anyone would the answer to which one the child would prefer to lend her ear to.

...It's all the elderly villagers' fault for making that child act with peculiar behavior. They've probably crammed uncanny beliefs into her head since she was little. If it weren't for those, she would've grown up to become my very cute child!
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