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First episode impression

Arguably, this is the anime I've been looking forward to pick up for the summer season.

Parallel mirroring with Shana (at least only in character designs and mannerisms) is deliciously portrayed within an all moe tsundere context.

I'm disclosing publicly my likeness for Louise. She's just pinky cute with a spicy, spunky, bratty personality that makes her more attractive.

The soundtrack and themes are now marked MOST wanted on my OST list. The arrange and symphonic of violins, cellos, pianos, harpsichords, and percussion instrument establish and compliment perfectly the magic and fantasy themes, touched upon with an effect of mystery and surprised discovery. The soundtrack is moody bumbling, fill with ethereal magic.

Forget Hogwarts and Harry Potter, Louise owns at Tristian and is first for me to get acquainted with an anime female tsundere that virtually sucks and messes at magic.
Osman is the naughty, lecher that Dumbledore will never aspire to be.

The tsundere, the moe, the pranks, the little ecchi tones, and big-a** explosions deliver a solid performance for this first.

I will definitely keep it. However, I'm somewhat discouraged that Louise did not cry in frustration: urusai, urusai, urusai.

C'mon deliver another few Shana tributes. He-he-heh!
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