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Episode 2 Review

Keeping on with the topic that has been discussed lately, Saito will have to cope with his current (slavery) contract to Louise and whatever punishments that may follow due to his rebellious stance.

But, he makes the point clear that won't be allowing the pompous step on him without giving them fight except for Louise, because she pawns him from head to toe.

The loser boy that unexpectedly pulls out a power boost on his self-esteem and courage is one of my favorite anime twists. It raises on the momentum to keep the audience enthralled and making care more for the loser male, normally coming when the loser is pressured, stressed, or finding himself under a mortal danger.

After the crisis goes off, he returns to his perverted, pathetic, and lanky demeanor ready to be slapped by the strong-will but fragile-hearted main female that at first denies that feels something for him.

Saito scored two points: one for beating that two-timing Guiche, and another for his resolve that briefly touched Louise's heart; yep, Kirche has instinctively acknowledge him cooly handsome after putting up a best fight.
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