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Originally Posted by Lost
Nice, you really know how to built up the plot. Altho, Suiseiseki saying "DAMMIT!!" is kinda hard to believe Also, I think that if Sui saw Bara holding her sister's case/body, she wouldnt stop to ask or talk ~ the image I got: Sui's eyes widen in fear, she screams and launches at Bara.
At one point I almost made Suiseiseki say, "F**K!" but it's a bad idea to begin with (and very un-Suiseiseki like) so "DAMMIT!" works the best IMO. Then I tried "DAMMIT ~DESU!" but looks damn so weird I took the desu out.

The remaining of Chapter 1 is up. Enjoy.

EDIT: Decided to combine part 1 & 2 together and fixing my lousy english
EDIT2: Changed the joke ending to a darker one

Spoiler for Rozen Maiden: Wiederbelebung Chapter 1 Complete (Part 1 & 2):

For the previous chapters

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