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Post Making Borders - Methodical Explanation. (part1)

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Q. Which tutorial are you referring to ?

Maybe if I explained how things work... you’ll be able to figure out what you’re doing wrong…

Making Borders - Methodical Explanation (part1)
The basic concept is that you make a selection. When your doing a simple border you want to select all the pixels in the image, so obviously the best method is to use the Select All button. To create the border you need to have a nice little 1px black line on the inside of the selection so use the Edit Stroke button with the location set to Inside (If you just installed PhotoShop then by default the location should be set to Center )... the location refers to the relative position of the pixels you want to add, so Inside means there will be a line of pixels placed in the inner edge of the selection, Outside means there will be a line of pixels placed on the outer edge of the selection and Center is a combination of these two, basically if you were to divide the number you enter as Width and use the result for a Inside and then for an Outside stroke you would get the same result as a Center stroke. (its size is specified by the Width number)
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