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Tagcom 2018 (day 2)

Hi, here's one more convention report. Tagcom 2018 was held for two days on April 21-22 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. We attended the second day. Oh, and one more thing.. this writeup is very short compared to the others I've written, because we did not know that day 2 of Tagcom is a Kpop event day, and there are very few cosplayers.

Anyway, let's start.
Arrived at about 2:30 pm.

First cosplayer we saw is Jaira cosplaying as Heartseeker Ashe

. . .

Bought tickets

Place: inside megatrade hall 3
Time: approximately 2:30 in the afternoon

Saw some Re: Zero items. Would have bought them if I had the spare cash. desu ><


Emila cosplay by my friend Karen. We mostly just wal ked around inside the megatrade hall, looking for some souvenirs to buy.

Hatsune Miku figures

We found a good place with cheap souvenir items.

Some nice illustrations from illustrators. There's a table where people sell stuffs that they have drawn, and you can also ask them to draw.


Ivy Musume dance group. They did a sing and dance cover of "Brand New Morning" by Morning Musume.
Members of the group are Trina, Yanie Mae, Elaine and Kristine.

If you're going to watch the video. Please set youtube settings to 480p or higher (it's the wheel icon at the lower right of the screen), so it would be a little bit clearer and the sound better.

Watched some more performances of other groups after this.

Time: approximately 5:30 in the afternoon

Let's walk around some more.

Some more items in shops.

. .

Stress reliever balls. You can squeeze them. ^___^

And while walking around, we met Kristine. One of the Ivy Musume members. She has a nice smile.


Karen looking at the figurine displays. Told me that she saw a small case of Coca Cola inside the glass. :3

Ok, now let's go outside a bit.

Place: hallway of 5th floor
Time: almost 6 pm

Sofia Kim cosplaying as Ram from Re:Zero. Usually it's Rem we meet most of the time. Nice to see the onee-chan this time.

It seems she forgot to wear white stockings but the cosplay is still ok. Told us that this is her first time to cosplay.

. . .

Go back inside one more time before going home.

Place: inside megatrade hall 3

Bear wallets. kawaii

In this shop, we saw the cat savings box that steals coins. The cat would come out when you place a coin on top of it. ^^

. . .

Black Widow cosplay by Aya Ezmaria. We saw her on stage along with other superhero cosplayers when the dances were finished.

Time: almost 7 pm
Place: hallway of 5th floor

Stuffed toys. These are not for sale. They're placed as decoration in the table near the ticket booth.

Oh, and one more cosplay pic. We saw the robot guy that we often see at different conventions. Not sure if it's the same person, because he never take off the mask. XD

There is actually one more friend I was supposed to meet. Told me that she would cosplay as Yuna from FF.. unfortunately, was not able to see her. Well, there's always next time. Goodbye Tagcom 2018. Will come back again next year. ",)

Pic taken at home:

The cat box, stress ball (Karen wanted this), and some small stuff toys. The cat really works. nya! ^^

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. Hopefully, will be able to attend another con in June or July.

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