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I have just yesterday started seeing this Anime.., and unbelivably.. I had not seen in a while an Anime that so quickly made me fell in love with it..., not Fate-Stay, not even Haruhi..; I guess the last one that realy "caught" me this much was Rozen Maiden

But all and all this is just to say how Higurashi is realy in fact.. THAT good.., and I am only so far on episode 8 ^^

Here are now my thoughts regarding the ending of Watanagashi-hen..., altough I did pretty much had a good idea at the "picture" at the end of Onikakushi-hen.., I chose to not post anything on the episode 4 thread, thus using my thoughts to support my ideas on this one.

I'd better spoil tag it just in case ^^


Thanks for reading.., once again.., I know I have the habit of making Huge posts, and this is no exception ^^

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