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Good news everyone. Kaede has qualified directly to the finals in the Saimoe 2006 competition.

Group 16:
430 votes gave Kaede a 2nd place in her group.
Sia was in same qualifying group as Kaede but only had 227 votes and ended 10th, so she has to go through a second qualifying round.

Group 1:
Primula was in group #1 with 185 votes she had a tied 11th place, she also gets the second qualifying round.
Kareha was in same group as Primula, 71 votes and 24th in group, -> 2nd qualifying round.

Group 4:
Tsubomi was in group #4, only 22 votes so she was 62nd and out of the game.

Group 5:
Nerine was in group #5 and ended 17th with 164 votes, -> 2nd qualifying round.
Ama was in same group as Nerine, 131 votes gave the 21st place, -> 2nd qualifying round.

Group 6:
Mayumi was in group #6, 111 votes, 26th, -> 2nd qualifying round.

Group 10:
Nadeshiko was in group #10, she was tied 44th with 3 others at 41 votes. She is out of the game, sorry to all the Nadeshiko fans.

Group 14:
Lycoris was in group #14, 100 votes gave her 33rd place. She is out of the game, sorry to all the Lycoris fans, if only she had 1 more vote she could have tied 31st with two others and go to 2nd qualifying round.
I haven't found anything on Kikyou yet.

Oh right...I forgot Asa
She was in group #17, 306 votes and 9th, so close to a direct finals qualifying yet so far away with 51 votes up to the 8th.

All the stats taken from here: First 8 in each group goes directly to the finals, 9 to 32 gets a second chance, 33+ are out.

Congratulations to Kaede ^^;;
Good luck to Sia, Nerine, Primula, Kareha, Mayumi and a little bit to Ama too (if it means that little piece of luck can hinder Asa from getting to the final ^^;; ).

Kaede is such a good girl she did so well.

Our Kaede is the pride of Shuffle after all! Kaede

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