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Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018 (day 2)

Hi, first of all sorry if this report is so late! A lot happened, and I just can't finish it earlier. Well, let's start.. Pinoy Otaku Festival is a small anime convention that happened for two days at Fairview Terrraces, I attended day 2.

Oh, and this event only started last year. Last year 2017 when I came to see it, there really isn't much to see, so went home after 20 minutes. This year they improved a lot, and I stayed at the event almost until the closing time.

Well, without any further delay here are the pics.

Place: inside Fairview Terraces
Time: almost 4:30 in the afternoon

First cosplayer I saw is a Sakura Kinomoto cosplay by Athena May, and her friend Honey as Umaru-chan. Good smiles to start the day the con. ^^

. .

Mask Kyrielight from Fate Grand Order. Cosplay by Aya Cruz


Charity Venus cosplaying as Kotori Minami (marine version)

. .

Maxine cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji


Plenty of people at the event. More people attended this year. And there are also more cosplayers this time. Well, let's keep walking. ^^

Kagura from Gintama. Cosplay by Ava. I think she and her friend Xhel are about to go home? Glad I got some photos before they left.


Blake Belladona cosplay by Xhel. She has neko ears. I wonder is this character from a game or an anime?


Mikha cosplaying as Kizuna Ai. Did not expect to see Ai-chan in this event. Lucky to find her. ^^

. . . . . .

Yuki Cross cosplay by Maeja. I think she is a friend of the Ai-chan cosplayer.

. .

Plenty of fun activities at the stage. Ah, sorry I delayed writing this report.. I could not remember exactly what they were doing, but I'm sure I had fun watching.

Time: almost 5:30 pm

Time pass by quicky when you are having fun. Well, let's keep going.

Moa-chan cosplaying as Kotori Minami (sunny day version). First time to see this version, and it's kawaii.

. .

Plenty of Godzilla

There are some food stalls in case you get hungry. Takoyaki is delicious.

. .

Some nice artwork for take-home as souvenirs.

If you like some souvenir photos, there's a photographer at the event.

Chibaneelle Art Circle - they have cute drawings, stickers, and some other souvenir stuffs made from polymer clay.

. . . .

Saw Ai-chan again. @____@

The friendly staff of Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018. They're at the entrance. I was not able to get their names, but will inform them that this report is already posted here at Animesuki. ^^

Dinosaur.. I think he / she (could not clearly see who is inside the suit) is a promo person for some college programs.

. . .

Maryll cosplaying as Yuuki Asuna (schoolgirl version?)

. .

Some more stuffs you can see that are for sale. There's a cheese-kun.

Yoshino cosplay by Mae Lachica. She's a cosplayer that I often see at SM Megamall, a place very far from Fairview Terraces. Did not expect for her to travel this far. I guess anything is possible with Yoshinon.

. . . .

Umaru cosplay by Misachi. I think it's her mom beside her in dinosaur costume? It's nice to see when parents are supportive in cosplay.

2B cosplay by Jhed Yoshima. Nice pose. ^^
For those who might ask - she's not the 2B that I shown earlier on stage.

Mascots by Animax.


You will see this TV when enetering the event area.

Ivy Musume girls. I think these are all the members, got lucky to get a group pic of them this time. Last time at Tagcom I could not get a pic because it was so crowded near the stage.


Aris Noire cosplaying as Pipimi from Pop Team Epic anime. Funny, she told me that one person called her "Chitoge". A little sad this anime isn't more famous, it's funny. ^^

. .

Akai Joo cosplaying as Popuko. They came to the event as a pair. It seems they joined the cosplay competition - you can see Pipimi having a number ID on one of the pics.


Mirai Kuriyama (idol version), cosplay by Sanshain.

. .

Ivy Musume with Pop Team Epic. xD


Umi Sonoda cosplay by Micaella Jung

. .

Gumi and Enne. Their names are blurred on my notes, so not sure if I wrote correct. Will just edit if I get to talk to them again.

Performance by Poly-V and Ivy Musume.

Not sure exactly what time it started, but both groups performed this day. Ivy Musume did a cover of the same song in Tagcom, but the steps of the dance seems to have changed here, and I think they also danced better in this event.

That was a good performance. Now, let's get back to taking pics.

A poster for sale.

Entrance to the event is free.

You will get a mark like this on entering.

Saw some foreign cosplayers. They look like american or canadian?

Some more Animax. They seem to be a major sponsor for the event. Thanks Animax for making this nice convention happen.

. . .

Kitana from Mortal Kombat. Cosplay by Jeziel lee.

Still many people at the event even if it's almost 7 pm.

Ivy Musume

Arts for sale by Lunatic Studios. The girl in the pic is the artist who drew them. Sorry forgot her name. She also drew the Kizuna Ai pic which I purchased. ^^

. . . .

Can't remember which table I saw this, but drawing looks nice.

Cross stitch art by grandmas. They told me that sales are good. And they would be coming back next year.

. .

Schoolgirl cosplay by Rei Zen

. . .

Nash (NBS), cosplay by Yuki. Hmm, she's a friend who I see at events in SM Mega. Wow, you reached all the way here.


Aya cosplayer. At this point I was very tired, and it seems I was not able to get her name. The only notes in my notebook are Aya = Cha. @_@


Mikatan II cosplaying as Rikka. I guess she could not get real Rikka Takanashi wig, so let's just pretend she is Rikka-chan if her hair grew long.

. .

One more schoolgirl cosplayer. Sorry, at this point I was already too tired to ask names.

Last pic for the day is Yoshino cosplay by Mae. It's now almost 8pm.

Well, time to go home. Thanks POF 2018, it was an enjoyable day. Will be coming back next year. ",)

Pics taken on getting home:

Some cute stickers from Chibaneele. ^^

Cross stitch from the grandmas.


Kizuna Ai art from Lunatic Studios


And lastly.. here are some pics that were too blurred. Thanks to my friend Palsa-san helped remove the blurs. They are not as clear as the others, but the owner of the pics can still get them if they want. **


Well, that's all. Thanks for reading. Next cosplay event that I would be writing about is BOA 2018 on August. ",)

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