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Well to clear up the whole Mia//Meer thing for Skyfall and others who donot know to understand...Production was so far behind that the Meer episode was shown because they literally had nothing else to show...Now 4tran may have enjoyed it despite the fact it was rushed B$ (Which in itself is a conundrum), you need to know the reason for it...Fukuda has stated that atleast 3 times the entire series almost was totally scrapped and stopped because of production and deadline problems....The Athrun//Kira recap ep, the Meer ep, and the Copernicus ep have been speculated to be 3 rushed episodes needed just so the series didn't collapse...Much of Shinn's failed development in the last quarter of the show was also clearly a byproduct of this...So you need to know the reason for these ridiculously timed episodes were more a product of glueing a broken vase together than creating the vase thru meticulous pottery shaping...In ghetto terms they were "Desperatley covering their a$$ess ya dig?"
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