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Why is this that hard for you to understand? The ASS/SSA softsub support has been for now only a part of the SVN revisions, Nicholi already explained. The only thing you have to do is compile the stupid player from the SVN repository to get the latest revision.

I'm not sure how things in OS X look like, but here is a basic rundown of compiling mplayer under *NIX. Some things to look out for:

1.) Unpack the Essential codecs package to /usr/local/lib/codecs BEFORE compiling mplayer (you may have to mkdir and chmod the folder before unpacking the files in it).
2.) Have SVN installed and other software requirements. I strongly recommend GCC 3.4.6. which you can manually compile using your current compiler (that... may take a while ^^; )
3.) Copy-paste the below SVN command in your terminal. It will create a directory called mplayer in the directory you're currently in. Go to it.
svn checkout svn:// mplayer
4.) Make sure you switch to root user.
5.) ./configure or ./configure --enable-gui (if you want mplayer with GUI)
6.) make
7.) make install
8.) Run mplayer (or gmplayer for usage with GUI; don't forget to unpack the skin to $PREFIX/share/mplayer/skins). If you want to start a file with embedded fonts and softsubs, use the command:
mplayer -embeddedfonts -ass something.mkv
... or to automate the process for all mplayer sessions, put the following in your mplayer configuration file (located in ~/.mplayer/config):
And... that's it.
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