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Long time no posting of any report here. BOA 2018 is a big anime that convention happened last year for two days, Aug 25-26. I attended day two.

This report is very very late. As in almost 1 year late! Not sure if people I've taken pic of will still be able to see this, because they might have changed their fb accounts already. Anyway, the reason for the delay is I got sick with chronic headaches that won't go away. Still slowly able to finish sorting the pics, and now everything is done.

Have written things that happened on a notebook, so I can still write clearly everything that happened that day. ^^

Let's start. :>

time: 1 pm in the afternoon

Arrived at about 1 pm, bought a ticket at the booth.


Let's go inside the Function Room.


cute figures

the stage

first cosplayer I saw is Yami x Psyche, she's cosplaying as Sakura from CCS

Pop Team Epic cosplayers. Churro as Popuko and Death as Pipimi. they did plenty of poses. ^^

. .

A nice 2B cosplay by Risa.

Cells at Work is a popular anime in 2018. I should have written this report sooner! Feel so far behind. BOA 2019 is next week, and I'm still on BOA 2018.

Animax booth

Let's walk and look around. Not sure if I talked to the girl at the clothing store, but there's a name on my notebook without any cosplay indicated.

. .

place: first floor of SMX Convention Center
time: a little past 2 pm

Got out of the function room and went to the first floor. Also plenty of cosplayers here.

Mari as Umi Sonoda and her friend Miano Uchimaki as Kotori Minami (policewoman version). I guess Love Live is still a popular cosplay in conventions.


Yuki cosplaying as Helbram from Deadly Sins. Always nice to see a friend in cons. ^^

. .

whoa, and saw another friend. Yao Bikuni cosplay by Haruna. Sorry, this report is one year late Haruna-chan. I'll try to write it sooner next time. xD

Next cosplay is Prescilla cosplaying as Kazumi? The way she wrote on the notebook is not clear. Not sure if the character is Kazumi or the cosplayer's nickname is Kazumi? Will just edit this part if I find her on fb.

. .

you will see this in the hallway of first floor

place: inside the function room
time: almost 3 pm in the afternoon

Red Blood Cell cosplay by Christine. I wonder if she already delivered the oxygen? Told me she knows where to deliver it.


Saw another friend. Lorraine Anne cosplaying as Nico Yazawa from Love Live. kawaii ^^

. . .

Platelet cosplay by Alyssa. She's the first cute platelet I encountered, but there's more. I think there's a group all of them platelets, which you will later see.


Want to play?

These girls (Leny Ming, Jemz Hamada, Anjelica Nechi) are promoting the planned anime Brgy 143. I don't know what happened with this anime or if it's still going to be made. Sorry, the area is a little dark, so some shots have poor lighting.. I forgot to turn on the flash.

. .

Miyuki Takara cosplay by Bernadette. Nice to see a Lucky Star cosplayer. :3


Are you hungry?

Felt cosplay by Yvan Joyce.

. .

Lia cosplaying as Mirai Kuriyama

Want to take home some nice souvenir items?

. .

Can't resist not to take a pic of the cute platelet. xD

Rory Mercury cosplay by Alexa

Let's take a look at some more stuffs.

. .

Drawing booth. Purrily draws some nice pics. Name of her store is Purrily and Nakeekat.

. . . .

This pillow made me laugh.

Platelet cosplay by Trishia. I don't know the name of the other one. They are a part of a group of platelets walking around. Well, more platelets means good health.


Saw another friend. Aimee cosplaying as Irojin.

Nya, can't resist not to take pic of kawaii neko. ^^

Hubbyte Toy Shop


Yuriana cosplaying as Maika from Blend S


Rbc cosplay by Mikhaela. Hmm, Cells at Work is a really popular anime in 2018. I hope she did not get lost with the delivery.

. .

Shan cosplaying as platelet. So this is when a loli becomes legal.. just kidding ok. xD


Jane cosplaying as Maple from Nekopara

. .

Plenty nice drawings at the drawing booths

Food area. It's late in the afternoon, if you need food to recharge this is the place to go.


Courtney cosplaying as Mizuha from Kimi no Nawa. One of my favorite anime, always glad to see cosplayers from it. ^^


Gaming area?


Drawings by kimbapchan. I like the Aqua-sama pic, bought it.

. .

time: approx almost 5 in the afternoon

Time for some last pics. I'm already very tired at this point.

Jabami Yumeko cosplay by Stephanie

. .

Kitto Katsu Shop by Rocs and Tasha Tan. Some really nice souvenirs here, unfortunately I don't have enough money to buy a Love Live figure. ;__;

place: hallway first floor of SMX.

got out of the function room to take pics of the cosplayers still at the hallway

Nekopara cosplayers! Kia as Cinnamon. Sorry, I was too tired to get the name of the other cosplayer. This anime would be getting a series soon. More neko meido is always good.

. . .

Azuki cosplay Denisse. kawaii

. .

place: inside function room

went in again for the last time

Semiramis cosplay by Shira Matsuhara

. . .

An anime is showing on screen. Anyone know what's the title of this? If you are tired from walking, this is a place where you can go to relax a bit.

. . .

Baggage area. Also nearby is where the BOA staff are selling shirts. The black shirt are for staff only, but since the convention is near closing time they sold me a black shirt as well. arigatou

. .

Amally cosplaying as Mafuyu from Blend S

place: hallway first floor

Almost time to go home. Still plenty of people at the hallway


Emilia cosplay by Ezra


Last cos pic for the day is a Violet Evergarden cosplay by Lea.


Goodbye BOA 2018. And I'm going to attend the 2019 convention for sure.


Pics taken after getting home:

The black BOA t-shirt. I only got this because I bought a shirt near closing time.

Hatsune Miku posters

The activity guide. I never throw these away. Good as a souvenir to remember the day.

. .

the ticket

Aqua-sama pic from kimidoodlez@ig

Keena's card

Kitto Katsu shop card

kimbapchan card. She's the one who drew the Aqua pic.

Purrily card. I think this is another card from Keena's drawing booth.


Well, that's all. See you on the next report and thanks for reading! Next report I will try not to be so very late. ",)

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