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Negima!? TV (Generic Discussion)

Genre: Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural

Expected Release Date: October 4, 2006


This is pretty much a remake of Mahou Sensei Negima, a series that aired in summer 2005. A lot of fans of the manga title thought the series was a total let down in art and animation after when MSN (Mahou Sensei Negima) manga enjoyed its huge popularity due to beautiful drawing. This time the studio that is going to handle the remake of this series is going to be Shaft who has produced high quality animation works such as, Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase, REC, Pani Poni Dash and has been involved in animation works such as Mushishi, Blood +, Honey Clover, Eureka 7, etc. Though its understandable that many fans will want to maintain some note of pessimism to not to get their hopes up once again, which is very much understandable considering how the anime production companies handle the show last time, the fans should note that Shaft wasn't involved in MSN's first attempt of anime adaptation. A synopsis in the following for those who haven't already seen the previous anime adaptation or didn't read the manga: (taken from ANN)
10-year old Negi Springfield is a wizard-in-training, and needs only to pass one more test in order to become a Master Wizard. Unfortunately, his final task is a bizarre one- to become a English teacher at an all-females boarding school. As soon as he arrives, he completely embarasses one of his students, Asuna Kagurazaka, and replaces the teacher she loves, which garners her hatred. To make matters worse, Asuna learns that Negi is a wizard,and promises to tell unless he helps her out. But, unfortunately, circumstances force them to work together to do many things, from fighting evil wizards to helping the class pass their final exam, with a lot of humor, magic, and romances thrown in.
Very much looking forward to this!
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