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Originally Posted by Js2756
By delusional, I meant that at least now Kaede is being honest with the motivation behind her actions. Before, she was convincing herself that she had to do it out of guilt instead of admitting that it was because she loved Rin. Now at least, she knows that the reason why she does what she does is because she loves Rin. Before, there was no chance whatsoever of her stopping her behaviour because she thought she had to do it. Now at least, she knows that she doesn't have to do anything for Rin, but instead, chooses to do it for him.

If she continues to do things for Rin, she will know it is because she chooses to, not because she feels like it is her duty to do so.
Anyway you look at it it is extremely unhealthy...The attachment is stil there and the unrealistic one-sided love is also still there. Given her character's psychotic breakdown with seemingly no addressing her mental state (via therapist or counseler) she may still be living in a dreamworld where she thinks she can be with Rin...Unfortunatley the writers of the series really left me with that impression by the non sensical way they ended things. People relapse all the time from all sorts of things...I see nothing to suggest Kaede has successfully moved on. A clean break where she comes to the realization that there's more to life than Rin's universe would suit her character better IMO. What happens 3, 4, 5 months from the end of the anime when she's still secretly pining for him? Stalking him in the early mornings, cooking for him and still not getting that payment in return...Even if it hurts like hell on a hot day realistic boundaries should be set to keep her from coveting him...Asa giving her permission to love him IMO is almost pure cruelty, but maybe that's just how I see it...
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