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Tanaka Rie Stars as Matsukata Hiroko in the Hataraki Man Anime

Originally Posted by NeoSam
Hataraki Man

Based on a manga for young men.

Broadcast: Autumn 2006

Based on a manga thats serialized in the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Morning.
For now there are 2 volumes released of this manga.
Here are the covers:

Site of the manga:

First chapter of the manga has been scanlated by Entropy group: Manganews.

Genre: Seinen, Drama

This is a seinen manga/anime. (A manga/anime for young men)
Originally Posted by NeoSam
The site for the seinen anime Hataraki Man has opened:

Its starting in October 2006.

Morning Comic Magazine


420 pages

A weekly comic magazine aimed at men in their twenties and thirties, but boasting a 30% female readership. MORNING is a comic for adult readers, featuring realistic stories about businessmen and office workers, sports professionals and college professors, samurai adventure and military action. It is read for entertainment, amusement and relaxation.

Hatarakiman : Anno Moyoko latest series - AnimeSuki Forum

Originally Posted by raphaŽl
I wanted to open a thread about it because i really think it deserves it and that it's sort of a shame there's nothing about it in here already.

Matsukata Hiroko is a 28 year-old journalist working as an editor for a weekly information magazine called "Jidai". The manga describes her life as a Hatarakiman (Workaholic) amongst her colleagues and editing chiefs, and her struggle against herself and her own frustrations, as a journalist, a woman and a lover.

Serialized in ShŰgakukan's "Morning", 2 volumes have been released so far. I have to say i only read the first one, for now, in which Matsukata is distressed over the fate of the secretary of a maggoty minister of foreign affairs.

Since "Happy Mania" Anno made herself famous for her humour and the psychological accuracy of her characters. At that time her drawings might have looked a bit awkward to some in the first place ( i still don't agree...), but with this new manga, her line is now completely flawless, live and more expressive than any other. I wouldn't bet it will be licensed one day, as it's more serious and maybe more focusing on "pure" Japanese matters than Happy Mania, and i'm not sure english scans are already available ( i didn't really look), but if there are, just have a look. This is real good stuff, believe me. And if there aren't, read Happy Mania instead, you will tell me about it.

I don't know why, i feel like a salesman. lol

PUFFY, aka Puffy AmiYumi, will perform the theme song for Hataraki Man.

Tanaka Rie Plays the Main Character in Hataraki Man

Tanaka Rie has announced in the 2002/08/22 23:55 entry on diary at her official website, rierie world, that she plays Matsukata Hiroko, the lead role in Hataraki Man.

Over one and a half hours ago, on the Hataraki Man television animation (anime) series entry in the Anime News Network Encyclopedia, I entered in Tanaka Rie as the Japanese voice actor (seiyuu) for Matsukata Hiroko.

Hataraki Man will air in Fuji TV's popular NOITAMINA late night television animation block, replacing Honey and Clover II in October 2006. Nodame Cantabile will replace it in January 2007.

So this is the "big work" ("great work") Tanaka Rie was referring to in early August 2006.

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