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Yakumo and Alicia won in landslides, but while Haruhi's win margin was relatively comfortable, her votes seems to have decreased from the qualifiers. (I pat myself on the back for warning Haruhi-ists in the SuzuHaru section against complacency, or the margin would have been even narrower. lol ......Just joking of course. The most I can pull to vote from ASuki is probably less than 10 people. xD )

It'll take some time before the SuzuHaru fanbase really establishes itself. Just wait till KyoAni makes the second series, I predict late 2007/early 2008 earliest, which would make SuzuHaru characters eligible for the Saimoe 2008. By then, not even the "anti-Haruhi-ists" can affect the outcome, because they'll be too busy having a backlash on some other new series.

Spoiler for Aug 24th results:

Spoiler for Aug 25th entries:

I think I'd pick Miyu over Haruka anyday, kickass androids FTW.
And of course, everyone's favourite psycho lesbian - Shizuru.

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