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Epilogue C (Ep. 21)

(Continues directly from Epilogue B)

That's right. This is all a bad dream.

Because I was only being tormented by Shion's nightmare inside my room, just like always.

If that's the case, .........then where is this place?

I stopped still on the apartment's emergency stairway.

......The memories of the dream remains.
That's right, I came out from the balcony.
...The door is locked, I have to get back in from the balcony again.

Haa, .........Mm, .......... ............wa,
My feet slipped, a floating sensation.

And then, an indescribable, sharp pain ran across my head.

The pain was so much, the fog of the nightmare has cleared up for me.........

...I slipped while trying to return to the balcony of my room from the emergency stairway, ...and have fallen down onto the protruded roof of the elevator floor 2 ~ 3 floors below.

My room's on the 8th floor.
I didn't expect my fall to be broken at a place like this.

When I fell, it seems like my head has hit a concrete edge right on the spot, I can feel intense pains, and hot blood dripping.

...............An amazing feeling of calmness.

The Demon, Shion's dead spirit, Satoshi-kun's hate and everything else are all gone.

...All that's there is the sense of calmness from the nothingness, a newborn baby.

From the moment I was born, and received the name of Mion, ....Memories up until today revive themselves one by one.

My first meeting with Satoshi-kun revives, and tears fell from my eyes.

Where did I go wrong......?
Where did I make the wrong choice in my life?
That's right, I already know, Satoshi-kun made me remember.........

Take care of Satoko, .........alright?

I believe that Satoshi-kun will come back for sure, ......I'll always be waiting, okay?
I'll take care of Satoko properly, and wait for you.
Satoko and I will be nice and wait together, for Satoshi-kun to come back.

Satoshi-kun has entrusted his very important little sister to me, not anyone else.

I,......didn't realize the meaning of that either, did I?

It's okay, it'll be okay next time....
Satoshi-kun, ...I love you.
Satoko, .........I'm sorry.
Everyone..., I'm sorry.
For Shion, I'm especially sorry.

............I wonder if I can take responsibility by dying like this?
It's not going to work, is it? Not at all.

I want Satoshi-kun to pet my head one more time.
I want to hear Satoshi-kun's "muu" one more time.
I'm sorry, that's asking too much, right?
...I have no more regrets.
Apologizing with my mouth won't do anything now.

I rolled to my side, and aimed myself towards to the ground.
Head first.

Come on, break my head with all your might.
And then take me to the hell that suits someone like me.

I was just a demon.
A hell at the bottom of the earth suits me.

Why was I born? Why did I accept life?

I shouldn't have been born.
If I wasn't born, then I wouldn't be having these kind of thoughts.

What kind of meaning would anyone wish for in such a meaningless life like this?
If I wasn't born, then nobody would become unhappy.

Thank you, for being nice to someone like me.
Thank you, for showing what love is to someone like me.
Someone like me, someone like me, .......

I'm sorry, everyone.
I'm really sorry.

You know, if I can ever get another chance from Satoshi-kun,
I definitely won't make the wrong choice anymore.

...Really, alright?

Ah,'s the ground.
Bye then.
I love you.



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