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Notebook of Happiness ( Ep.21)

「Yes, by the time Mr. Kasai stepped inside room, no one was there but window to the veranda was left wide open. That is the moment she jumped. Thereupon she first fell directly below onto the roof of the 5th elevator floor and suffered a cerebral concussion. A while later she rolled on her side and fell once again to her death. The reason why Mr. Kasai, who suspected that she may have jumped, could not find her body on the ground is because at this point in time she was unconscious on the roof top of the elevator floor. 」

「Maebara Keiichi was stabbed around the same time. At that instant, Sonozaki Shion had already jumped, and was in the mist of suffering a concussion on top of the roof...? ...No, that isn’t correct. After slipping out from her veranda, she stabbed Keiichi. When she tried to return to the veranda, she fell by accident... sounds right? I’m sorry, but search the verandas of the surrounding rooms once more. 」

「Oishi-sa~~~n, you have a call on Line 3. 」
「Yes, yes, who is it? 」
「He said you would know a Satou. And to say the password “Ron”. 」

「Na hha hha! Hello?! Ah- Is this Sato-san? For you to call this line means the news is good? 」

『Hello... The situation in question is exactly the way you predicted, sir. 』

「Thank you very much! I’ll treat you at the Flower Road next time. 」

「What was that phone call about? An invitation to a game of mahjong? 」

「Bingo. The Sonozaki Sisters were reversed. Mion is Shion. When they put the tattoo on, they made a mistake and did it on the wrong twin and couldn’t salvage the situation. That’s why when you read this notebook, Mion and Shion are reversed. If so, one can understand the relationship of Satoshi-kun and Shion-san, ...I mean Mion-san? Ah, so complicated! 」

「Notebook? You mean that horrific notebook mailed and addressed to you the other day, Oishi-san? Didn’t they say what was inside of it was just absurd, and feared it will only complicate the investigation? 」

「Of course, even now that we understand the names were switched, it doesn’t make it any less deranged. ...I wonder how much we can believe in this notebook? ...If it is true, the events surrounding Furude Rika’s death are too suspicious... 」
「It’s a diary of a lunatic. Even the ones reading it were becoming insane. That last page, I’m sorry for being born, ...would make even the people reading this to jump to their deaths… 」

「............but. What a happy dairy this is. 」
「Happy, say? 」
「Just in this diary alone, how many times do you think the name Satoshi-kun appears? ............Shion-san really must have loved Satoshi-kun. And for that love, and the misunderstanding created by her youth, she made this mistake. 」

What a happy dairy this is

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