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Disinherited with a Sword Fight (Ep. 21)

Little Shion: "Common, tell me, mom. What kind of fight did you have with Onibaba? For you to be disinherited, it must've been something big, right?"
Akane: "You're always so full of interest in stupid stories...... Well, I guess you're old enough to understand now. The truth is, when I said I wanted to marry your dad, I was told that I can't."
Little Shion: "Eh? Why?!"

Akane: "I was living a pretty crooked life back then too, which made your grandma pretty unhappy. And in the end of that, the man that I brought back was a chivalrous macho, you know what I mean? So of course, we had a big fight. "The house head decides who your fiance will be", she said, "who gives a damn about what you have to say, you shitty hag!" "How about I cut you down right here!?" It turned into a huge scuffle. The two of us pulled out the katanas from the wooden floor, clang clang clang. A-ha-ha-ha."
Little Shion: "Hiie---...! You mean you had a sword fight with Onibaba?! Nice going, mom...."

Akane: "Yeah well-- Although mom looks like this now, I'm a martial arts person when I was young, after all--. Both of us were rank holders in kendo, so it got pretty crazy. People around us were all shaken up too, ah--- it was fun."
Little Shion: "I see...... So you got disinherited because of that mess?"
Akane: "That's right, nice disinheritance! I took the disinheritance without a care and went and registered the family with your dad. Well, I got my nails pulled as punishment (kejime) though--. Look, the nails on my left hand are crooked, see?"
Little Shion: "Uwaa....... This means that Onibaba and mom don't like each other anymore, right....?"

Akane: "Ahahaha, Shion, to tell you the truth? That's not true. Onibaba and I are very close, you know?"
Little Shion: "...Eh------!? You're lying!"

Akane: "Onibaba-sama has an annoying public image to uphold, you see. After disinheriting me once, it wouldn't show decipline if she acts nice towards me again. That's why I stay quiet and keep my distance during family meetings too, but every once in a while I would still visit her to relax and drink tea or something together"
Little Shion: "No way---------, I don't believe it...!"

Akane: "To tell you the truth, this is a secret, ok? A long time ago, Onibaba-sama herself has gotten her nails pulled once as kejime too, you know--? Next time you see her, take a good look at her left hand nails."
Little Shion: "Hiie---......! What did Onibaba do?"
Akane: "Who-------knows--------! Don't ask mommy☆"
Little Shion: "Wa, that face means you know, right?! Tell me--!"

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