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Rainy Clouds Ahead (Ep. 22)

I open the window and place my seat-pillow to enjoy the weather.

...But that one had to comes over and disrupts my peace. No thanks to her, it ruined my moment of solitude.

"....You seem happy. Oh that's right, you were able to eat lots of your favorite sweets today."

This girl has a weak spot for sweets. ...Sure I don't dislike them either, but a package that big gives me a heartburn. Well, she seems happy so I'll leave her alone for now.

She must've been quite pleased as I was eating my favorite hot and salty items these days.

Of course, it was a very fun and exciting day today too. And I was satisfied just by sitting on this window sill, relaxing underneath the sunset.

But when I looked up, I saw a small cloud forming just beyond the horizon. ...The wind also seems to be a bit cooler than usual. A sudden downpour might occur.

"...They say that deep-sea fishes start to appear in shallow areas like a warning sign = right before a big earthquake or a tsunami occurs."

Today, we saw a very rare deep-sea fish in our shallow playground. Just as many ancient legends have stories about sea monsters, people portrayed such grotesque deep-sea fishes as a bad omen.

It doesn't make a difference when it shows up alive or dead on the shore. Hey, I may have made a interesting statement there! Even if it shows up alive or its corspe washes up shore, it is a bad omen of things to come.

...In either case, I can tell that a rain will begin to fall very soon.

"...Yeah yeah I know. I'll bring down the laundry."

I go outside to bring down the laundry from the dryline into the basket.

The clouds begin to shade deeper in gray. I like rains...but I don't think I won't be able to enjoy this rain today.

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