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This tut is for people like Tea_ser who have a winny bit of trouble with animation

ok take this gif that tea made (hope you don't mind tea!)

Ok now by opening this I can see that this has duplicate frames slwoing down the animation and making it very choppy

*click thumbnail for larger pic*

Ok so now we delete the duplicated frames making the animation now looking like this

Now change the time of the frames it is set on to something that won't make it so choppy

I choose this to be the time set for the animation

If you don't want to go frame by frame changing the time just go to that little arrow thing on the right and click selcet all frames the choose the time you want like you would be doing it one by one but don't click on the picture but on the bottom where it displays the time

ok then you should follow Pell's tut. on making gifs loop and ta-da I got this as a result

Or you can follow that thorugh but don't do pell's loop tut and use the tween tool which is this and put these settings *the one with the black mark around it is the tween tool.

And for the settings

For OMG it is slow tween

Do not worry about this just change these frames to the others say like 0.14

Pic for OMG it is slow

just click on were the time frame set time is and put 0.14 like the other frames but the first and you should end up with this

End result with the tween effect

Hope this helps anyone
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