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Daniel E.
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Here's an updated version of my stuff:




Did a little bit of cleaning on the first one and added more stuff to the third. The second one remains the same, but though it would be nice to have all my entries in a single post so I included that one as well.

If I decide to add or change something else, I'll simply edit this post.

EDIT 01:

Decided to change the second one as well. I got rid of the old banner and change it for a completly new one with a similar style.

EDIT 02:

Finally got around to clean the third one today.

EDIT 03:

After much though, I went ahead and made another banner to replace my first entry. With some luck, this will be the last time I do so.

EDIT 04:

OK, no more changes here. The entry phase of the contest is almost over and I now declare that this 3 banners will be my entries in this contest.

Good luck everyone.

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