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Originally Posted by Lost
Erm I saw someone comment on teh Youtube page "first Mushishi, then this." Which has got me curious: any link to Mushishi or was that just a random statement? Also I couldn't garner much from the trailer in Japanese, could you provide/link a description?
Bartender is not related to Mushishi save for the airing time slot and that is an episode conclusive anime, therefore the comment probably alludes to the expectations for a quality anime.

Since I don't see any descriptions in English yet, I've translated the synposis from the official site.


God's Glass...
That is the monicker given to the immacluate drinks served by the brilliant bartender, Sasakura Ryuu.
The customers who visit his bar "Edenholl" become captivated by his cocktails.
At times, it rekindles memories, heals sorrows, or relights people's fire.
A healing-type anime for the mature audience.

Main characters

Sasakura Ryuu (V.A.: Mizushima Takahiro)
A young bartender who is in charge of the bar "Edenholl" in Ginza. The cocktails he makes are called "God's Glass". Past winner of an international competition, his skills are unmatched, although his secrets remain a mystery.

Kurushima Miwa (V.A.: Fujimura Ayumi)
Granddaughter of Kurushima Taizou, chairman of the Hotel Cardinal group. She is in charge of the hotel's bar section. As a frequnter to Edenholl, she is a confidant to Ryuu.

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