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Originally Posted by Colonel-
It's all fun and game until Loki the ass started dissing.

The Doraemon going away's been installed in like someof the 1st 20 volumes of the manga, and all of them ended up having Doraemon coming back =) I do not believe that Nobita created Doraemon or he was in a "vegatable" state, or else how could he have interact with himself in the future talking about parenting? Besides, i believe that in a volume or from some magazine publish, Doraemon's made from a factory, aka mass produced. Hell, i've even played the game itself, where Doraemon and his 5 childhood friends fought against some villain. I even have an old magazine where it displayed his friends' profiles, and Doraemons' birth history. Pictures from the factory, his 129 mystery, and how his ear got bitten off while he was napping. His original job was to babysit the grandchild of Nobita!

FJF production company still publishes mangas and such, but they do not have the same old feel as the original works.... Dammit, if only FjF is still alive.... Did he die of Liver cancer or liver failure?

Can i ask you a question Kj? What volume of the manga's released? So far i have up to 45 of the usual short stories type, and 20 volumes of the other one (can't translate the name) like... extra long chronicle, whole length stores about an adventure... Although they've lost the old touch, i still want to read them =)
Prepare for a very long reply from a self-proclaimed Dora-maniac:

First of all, I'll answer the manga question.
1. The tankoubon manga from Tentoumushi Comics: 45 Volumes (822 stories)
2. The "long story" manga (adpated into movie) manga: currently up to Vol. 23
3. Additional 150 stories that never made it into the tankoubon manga in the now rare-to-find "FF Land" manga (if you find them in a used bookstore, BUY THEM!!)
4. additional +250 stories that have been serialized in the magazine but never made it into the manga. Petitions are on way right now to have them published into manga form in honor of Fujiko Fujio.

Now on to the endings:
Putting aside those two famous "rumored" endings (the one Nobita becomes a scientist and creates Doraemon, and the one where Nobita is in a vegetative state) which are baseless rumors that have never been published, there are actually 3 "official" endings to Doraemon that have appeared in published form.

The first is the one everyone knows: The one at the end of Volume 6 of the Tentoumushi Comics manga. This was first shown in the March 1972 issue of "Shougaku 3nensei" ("3rd Grade") magazine. This is the one where Nobita shows himself that he can go on without Doraemon...and insists on fighting Jaian without Doraemon's help. And as you know, in Volume 7, Doraemon comes back from the help of the "reverse truth" medicine. I'll call this "official end 1."

The other two are ones the ones that are in those 250+ episodes that have never been published into manga form...only those who were lucky enough to read the serialized magazine were able to read them:

"Official end 2" - March 1971 issue of "Shougaku 4nensei" ("4th grade") magazine. This story involves Doraemon being forced to go back to the future because a new law was decreed in the 22nd century forbidding "time traveling tourists." Due to increasing amount of people from the future going around time traveling and causing mischief to the present day world (it begins with several time tourists coming into Nobita-kun's house and "Stealing" 20th century items from his house as "souvenirs"). The coup-de-grace was when a convict from the future came to escape into the 20th century. That made the government of the future pass a decree forbidding all people and robots from the future to visit the past. Unlike "official ending 1," this ending does not have that "tingly good feeling" to it as Nobita-kun is unwillingly forced to say good-bye to Doraemon. THe ending Nobita-kun's monologue is rather very sad "The under-cabinet has returned to being just an under-cabinet. But everytime I open it up, I always remember Doraemon."

Before going on to "official end 3," we all know Fujiko F. Fujio was rather a prolific manga artist. He held two serialized positions monthly for the same manga - one for "Monthly 3rd Grade" magazine and the other for "Monthly 4th Grade" magazine (Later, he will do 3rd, 4th, as well as 5th AND 6th grade monthly magazines as well). Coinciding with the ending in March 1972 "3rd Grade" magazine, Fujiko F. Fujio also released an alternate ending on the same month and year on "4th Grade" magazine as well.

"Official end 3" (March 1972 "4th Grade") Storyline: Nobita-kun asks Doraemon for some special item. By now you all know Nobita-kun is rather reliant wuss on Doraemon's technology. This time, his excuse is "me and my buddies are going cycling into the woods soon...but I don't know how to ride a bike! Help me, don't you have anything useful?" Typical story, eh? Anyhoo, Doraemon sensing that Nobita-kun is becoming a wuss and not changing himself and relying on Doraemon, Doraemon tries to be mean. At the same time, Nobita's great-great-grandchild - Sewashi also appears and tries to tell Nobita-kun something. However, Doraemon says "I'll discuss the matter personally, later." Doraemon, refuses to help Nobita-kun "he's completely reliant on me, this isn't going to help Nobita-kun." Long story short, Doraemon fakes that he is malfunctioning, and tells Nobita-kun that he needs to go back or else he'll stop working. Sewashi shows up, and Nobita-kun pleads to his great-great-grandchild to take Doraemon back so he'll be okay again. Doraemon, before going back, asks Nobita-kun one question "but aren't you going to be in trouble without my help?" Nobita-kun replies strongly "Of course I do! But you are my friend, and if its between you getting better and me being in trouble, I'll withstand all hardships!" Doraemon, feeling very proud towards Nobita-kun's strong words, told the truth to Nobita that he was faking his malfunction and that he had to go back for Nobita-kun's own sake. Nobita-kun thinks very deeply and decides "I understand. If you go away, I will definitely miss you, but if you stay here, I won't be able to move on..." Nobita and Doraemon say their final good-byes. After Doraemon left, Nobita begins to learn how to ride a bicycle on his own. Being jeered by his friends (Jaian and Suneo) and under a very worried mother, Nobita-kun falls and falls, but continues to learn how to ride a bike well into the night. All in the while, Sewashi and Doraemon are watching Nobita-kun move on through the "Time TV" as they cheer "ganbare Nobita-kun! We'll be looking over you from the future!"

Whew, that was long.
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