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Episode 26 Synopsis

I've decided to forgo putting my synopsis on my website front page and paste it here instead. You've seen the screenshots, and there's plenty of links to go around too. But nobody has the audacity to spend 6 hours translating and coming up with a synopsis of the episode besides me lol.

Well, that and the fact that all my recordings are in WMV9 format. VirtualDub, the program I use to open and take screenshots with, can't read that file type. I swear, this was done on purpose!

Well, the below spoiler is the summery. Again, my Japanese is not perfect. This is an extrapolation based on what I know from the game and what I was able to translate from the show...but it's not like I made up stuff. Don't click it unless you really wanna know what happens word for word. You have been warned.

Spoiler for Series Finale:

I'll give my full opinion of the show within the next 24 hours. But I must say this for now:
Spoiler for oh yes:
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