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Simoun cast and staff in fall shows

Originally Posted by JiCi
The series has ended... so what's next for us...?
I think we'll keep coming back here for quite a while, but as far as new shows are concerned, we seem to have come to this anime from a lot of different directions, so I imagine we'll be going to our scattered realms.

For myself, I don't see anything as interesting as this in the fall line-up. But then I didn't realize Simoun would be so great until I watched it. I'll keep watching NANA and Bokura ga Ita, which continue through the fall, and are for me the only two shows on now which are in Simoun's league. Two different kinds of romances, both with great scripts and terrific voice-acting. And maybe I'll have time to catch up on Saiunkoku Monogatari, where Kuwashima Houko (Guraghief) is beyond praise for her excellent work as the heroine. It continues through the fall, too.

Among the new shows, Hataraki-man, in the Noitamina Thursday-night slot looks interesting (starts Oct 12). About a workaholic woman editor. More Honey&Clover on caffeine than Simoun, though, it seems.

I have made a graphic calendar of the fall season, showing what days and times shows are on TV in Japan, and giving highlights of staff and cast for most of them. Link in my sig, with a highlights post in the hashihime blog. Maybe this is my opportunity for an information-dump about who from the Simoun staff and cast will be working on what this fall:

Studio Deen's next offering is Shounen Onmyouji, a magical powers show, but from a josei (young women's) magazine. The script is by the woman who wrote Turn A Gundam, Wolf's Rain, Geneshaft and five episodes of Noein. The sound director did Haibane Renmei and Princess Tutu. And the OP was composed by Kajiura Yuki, who is/was in See-Saw with Ishikawa Chiaki, who did Simoun's OP.

I'll be watching at least the first episodes of Ayakashi Ayashi (monsters attack Edo, again) just to hear Niino Michi (Aaeru) in another role. And because the main writer on Simoun wrote it.

And I'll look at Ghost Hunt because Nazuka Kaori (Yun) is the star. She also stars in Gin-iro no Olynssis, a show that seems like post-apocalyptic mecha, but the blurb says something about time and space being uncertain and a boy's door to fate. I'll look at Code Geass, an SF adventure, partly because Yukana (Dominura) is one of the stars, and also because the whole cast is unbelievable (including Nazuka Kaori and Koshimizu Ami), and the writer and director did PlanetES.

Takahashi Mikako (Rodoreamon) stars in Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! and is also in Super Robot Wars and Black Blood Brothers. Noto Mamiko (Limone) is in Mamoru-kun, too, and Okada Mari, who wrote many episodes of Simoun, is the main writer.

Sahashi Toshihiko, who did the amazing music for Simoun, writes the music for Black Blood Brothers.

Kuwashima Houko (Guraghief) has joined Toyoguchi Megumi (Alti) for Black Lagoon 2. Morinaga Rika (Mamiina) is continuing in Chokotto Sister.

Noto Mamiko (Limone) is back for a second season of Jigoku Shoujo. Koshimizu Ami (Paraietta) shows up in Code Geass, Kujibiki Unbalance, and Gift-Eternal Rainbow. And Matsuki Miyu (Anguras) is in Soukou no Strain and Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru, which seems to be the closest thing to yuri available this fall (girls fall in love with a guy dressed as a girl). Red Garden, a supernatural mystery, doesn't have an all-female cast, but five women are the stars.

The calendar has links to the Anime News Network information on all the shows and most of the cast and staff members.

Oh, and sorry, warainagara, I didn't realize "Yunashia" was a joke. I guess because I kind of hoped they'd merged myself.
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