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Originally Posted by Garet Linegod
Actually, that was one of the things that was left out back in episode 25. Rika visited Rena during the time when she was hiding in her 'secret hideout', just before Keiichi did. She presented the syringe to her and offered the injection. But Rena who was overtaken by her own madness, accused Rika of attempting to kill her the same way that Tomitake was murdered. Whether the syringe was a cure or not was never clearly stated, but Rika did mentioned that the substance inside was different from those used on Tomitake.

EDIT: A question to those who play the game -
Spoiler for About Onikakushi:
Actually, Rika doesn't know if Tomitake was drugged or not.

Rena accuses her, but read Rika's response again.
「The shot that Tomitake had, huh? But this is different. Okay?」

Originally Posted by sagematt
And he is supposed to be the lead translator

Ahh, how can I redeem myself here...

D = Disappointing
E = Entertainment
A = Administrator for the people that weren't
N = Non-gamers?

Actually, I think KJ and Sushi-Y translate better than me. I'm still quite a bit inexperienced as this was my first TL project along with Zero.

Originally Posted by imac2much
Well I've read all the TIPs so far. I was more referring to certain scenes in the anime that aren't necessarily in the TIPs, that alluded to future arcs. For example, the scene with the other cop trying to come to the rescue here or something, supposedly that was cut out because it alludes to Minagoroshi hen? And I believe there was something similar like this in ep 25, and someone said "well they probably took it out because there won't be any Minagoroshihen."

Spoiler for since you asked:
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