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To *yoko (Kai Ep. 6)

Forgive me for my early leave from this world.

Please understand the reason why I chose to end my life on my own rather than wait for my time to come as my mind dilapidates.

Henceforth, I am able to write to you this letter. My worst fear was the inability of no being able to leave anything behind as my consciousness deteriorates by prolonging this useless life.

However, I was still unable to leave anything behind. I was unable to leave this world with any achievements or results of my own. My research was not forgotten after my death, but was forgotten while I was still alive. It hurts me deeply as I write knowing that I must pass away from this world recognizing this.

I want you to surpass your grandfather. Achieve the pinnacle where your grandfather could not.

I don't care which field you go into. But leave your name for the world to remember. If you cannot achieve this, leave a great accomplishment and result for the world.

Being a human, death will come for you as well. Being a human, a time will come where your body will be cremated into ash. It is fate that the body will turn into ash.

But if you will be able to leave behind a huge accomplishment, your name will continue to live on long after you turn into ash.

People call those whose continue to live without their body as gods.

Your grandfather wanted to become like that, but wasn't able to.

I want you to become a god.

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