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I and I (Kai Ep. 6)

When Furude Rika first learned of the existence of her family, she had no doubt that she was in a 4-person family.

The family that she naturally sees. Her father, mother, and me.

For the new-born Rika, the fact that I am an existence that can only be seen by her is probably something she never even dreamt of.

My appearance is different than that of a human being.
Even though my form is made to look human, the horns just couldn't be hidden.

That's why, no matter how much I try to smile, it's clear that I'm not one of mankind.

But if the new-born Rika sees me naturally, maybe she won't mind these ugly horns?

That faint expecation came to fruit.

Just like how a chick believes the first thing it sees to be it's parent, Rika believed that I was her family without any doubt.

Even if I have horns on my head.

That's why, from the day that Rika believed me to be her family, Rika and I became the closest buddies in the family.

For Rika, I am a playmate that's closer to her than her parents, and for me, she is the first social partner I have had in a long time, longer than I can even remember.

We always spent our time together, I think.

However, her family, especially her mother, denied my existence strongly.

Since my existence, which Rika saw as a natural member of her family, was denied so many times... Rika became distant from her mother.

Things that children should be learning from their mothers through playing was not learned by Rika.

That's why I thought that I should be her mother instead, and taught her many wisdoms and skills passed down from the past.

............Ironically though, for some reason, that only caused her mother to become even more displeased.

Speaking of which, didn't she used to fight with her mother a lot about the way she refers to herself?
The fact that Rika doesn't call herself "watashi" (feminine "I" in Japanese), but "boku" (boyish "I" in Japanese) is most likely my fault. (note: the speaker uses "boku" too)

Other than having a poor relationship with her mother, Rika was a pretty normal young girl back then.

Her personality was just like Satoko's.
An energetic young girl who loved to run about the wild mountains and pulling pranks.

...............But, in June of 1983,

...Rika was robbed of her life.

We're not asking for any more happiness than for Rika to fully enjoy and revel in her life as she grows up.
...My power is only able to search for a path that leads there.

It's true that the tragic fate couldn't be overturned no matter how many times we repeated it.

...That's certainly a sad thing, but......... after falling to the bottom of a well that you cannot climb out of, it's not a bad thing either to look for the things that you can enjoy.

It's true that Furude Rika's life is buried inside a deadend of fate, and can be described only as tragic.

But... for me to be able to stay with Rika for longer than her original lifespan, I also felt a slight happiness there.

Of course, Rika's not the only one I'm with.
Although they won't respond to my calls... It's really enjoyable to be able to stay with Satoko, Mion, and Rena and Keiichi during their activities.

Although I cannot join them, but... we were together.

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