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Talking Negima!? First Impressions

That was an excellent, crazy stuff.

Negima got completely revamped and reworked, introducing thousands of cosmetic changes as well as fixing (NOT patching) the plot and characterizations.

The only thing odd to me were that the "Thousand" Master, Nekane, and I think Anya have different voices from those of the first Negima, which is kuro rekishi and NOT to be brought into light again.

Anyways, Evangeline's stages were so beautifully gothic possessing that macabre, haunting mystic. Animation by SHAFT is perfectly sketched and the cinematics throw in film-like qualities to the episode, as if we were watching a whole Negima!? movie.
You can tell by the cuts from frame to frame, the long and still camera shots, and faraway angles.

Oh, yes! The music was special and more so in tune with epic fantasy themes, then changing to ethereal gothic.

SHAFT accomplishes a 10, particularly that they managed an agile transition from the manga story introducing, without few or no more useless prologue stuff, the Evangeline arc first.

If quality remains consistent, SHAFT would be bringing justice to Negima!? on the stuff that Xebec messed up at during the run of the first version.
I can't wait to see how they will handle the Kyoto arc.

P.S. Before I forget, what was the whole nonsense written on the blackboard?
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