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Episode 03. For the Most Precious Thing

I can understand Omniscient's response to this episode lacking of quality. It was atrocious for me, at least, seeing the characters drawn and sketched lanky and one lines; the eyes particularly were drawn like small drops.


Oh, well! At least this episode did not feature the Ghost-Orland-smashing-this-week's-tank-routine for a change, since the whole sequence grew tired on me after a couple of episodes.

Pumpkin Scissors is just experiencing a slow and stretched start for right now. If what was shown in the preview for episode four, chances are high that a major antagonist would be most likely introduced into the storyline.

I read the few recents posts regarding the writer's storyline. Chrno Crusade is good comparison for beginners. If Pumpkin Scissors starts to take off early, as I hope it will, the story would slowly and eventually become dramatic, angst, depressing, dark, but compelling nowadays.

Kind of been thinking how would they manage to intertwine and weave Alice's and Orland's stories together?
Those two characters will be juxtaposing with each other's systems of beliefs about how the aftereffects of the war are influencing them. In fact, I believe the opening song is giving on hints on what unfolds for those two.

I'm also to agree that Chrno Crusade is a suitable comparison for Pumpkin Scissors, at least what respects to the characters.
Rosette / Alice standing to the uncertain future with courage and desire to move one.
Chrno / Orland coping with the tragedy of the past.

My only wish, however, is that the writers don't come to the decision of screwing up Alice's personality once the big mess shows up near at the end. I really like her tantrums, but she could do fine without some quirks, for example, like her redundant speeches.

What I summarize for this episode simply put is that the average and mainstream people don't want blabber-mouthed promises shove at their faces, they want actions be made and true to their words.
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