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Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
oki i have a question...
i want to know how "tweens work" basically i want to know how i can make an avie so that the last frame could resemble something like a white flash that would then revert to the first scene...
heres an attempt that i tried but had no effect...

as shown in the last frame i tried to make it so that wehn the cam moves up above her head there would be a bright/blinding flash effect which will subsequently lead back to the first fram of the loop...kinda like when some in blacking out and all the see before they faint is white...
anyone help? *looks at blackcat*and thats the best i can describe it it quite difficult to describe something like this
As Sweethoney said, her tween tutorial is the first post on the previous page, but here's what I did to that avatar.

I selected the last frame, clicked tween and put in the follow options...

Spoiler for tween:

It was as simple as that XD
Turned out something like this...

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