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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
I'm more interested in how is Lelouch different from other humans now he has the King's power. The more he uses, his hair turns silver white?
If you're talking about the scan I posted earlier on, then I guess we have to take a dump of salt on Lelouch's white hair. Code Geass scans in Newtype must have beaten all records for inaccuracy. They've lately colored Lancelot with a red/gold color pattern, Lelouch's hair dark-reddish, Shirley's hair black, Lelouch's eye green and even C.C.'s hair hot pink instead of green. The colorist doesn't seem to check the original character design files or it must be several artists working independently from each other without cooperation and checking up previous (released) drawings.
Originally Posted by Riaken
How many episodes is this btw?
I think it was 25 - the posted it was stated in is in the previous pages.

Oh, btw, there are TWO CGHnL manga series running now - one following Lelouch while the other revolves around Suzaku (and it's *apparently* christened 'Suzaku of the Counterattack', no joke). Looks like both deviate from the anime series so I guess it's no good posting spoilers here since I'm not sure they have any influence on the tv series.

Of course, that would seem more like what Karen wants as a main objective, but you're definitely right about something: He wants change to occur.
That simply involves a world where he and his sister don't have to hide in anymore - and it means a big pre-emptive strike to clean out the house. Whether he does it more out of hatred and resentment than mere solicitude for his sister probably doesn't matter since, anyway, both solutions he has to the problem imply rebelling against the Empire.
collateral damage? He wanted to lure Cornelia / other notable royals to Japan? Or maybe he wants to remake the world in his image, the way he deems fit, though nothing so hubristic as that crackpot Light from Death Note.
I'm not sure he wanted to lure Cornelia out. According to Newtype, she's the head general of the Britannian Army. Since the murder of a royal is no small matter to brush under the carpet, it's normal for her to come out and seek for the murderer to avenge the Britannia royal family, if not to quell the smallest thought about going against the Empire.

As for Lelouch I'm not sure he's more of a megalomaniac than he is someone craving for pure revenge. Sure, taking out royals above him in the tree of succession will automatically make him rise closer to the throne but I don't know if he's only seeking to pass a message to the Britannia family ('don't fuck with me you arrogant purists') or if he envies the status of emperor. At any rate, he wants to change the world to one he can live in without problem and it cannot be done without dealing damage left and right.
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