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All comes well for whoever waits, and this episode starts delving in the intricate mysteries that link Section 9 (a.k.a. "The Invisible 9") with the Empire's administration of their Military.

Randel is the suitable plot device for unraveling the true colors of the 901-ATT. The nightmare he suffered is a reocurring one, reliving what he was made for to "kill". The Dante -esque and surreal world of his dream I allude it to be the product of certain types of mind conditioning to block his advanced states of consciousness, and just leaving the most primitive corner of the mind operational.

In this way, the Anti-Tank-Troopers are devoid of regret, fears, doubt, whose minds become malleable to be taught simple yet specific sets of instructions.

The cut frames with the word "Töten Sie", and the word itself being scurrying all over Randel's body in words of blood was very bizarre.

Ok. The deal is that an organization either implied or alluded is in the works behind the tank technology which was provided to the count character from episode two.
Is obvious that those guys were responsible to stage the Count's murder and made it believe to the registry that it was a suicide. I'm inclined to suspect that the shadow organization actual operates within the Military and several higher-ups members of the Empire are involved within.

Their prime goal would be providing advanced warfare technology to the small nations, as staging territorial guerrillas for a means to obtain income. They could be aiming to create dissent and increasing the gap between the higher and lower classes with purpose of revolt. In turn, this would become a scape goat to use for a valid excuse to act and thus convince the Empire to pour the budget to them.

How do the Invisible 9 fit in all of this, I may ask?
At the beginning there's this female researcher who likely is writing a letter to the high-command of the Empire, as she keeping on with her experiment with another 901 test subject.
I presume she's writing the letter to her sponsors who are financing the 901-ATT project in the most discreet and confidential manner to report her results and progress made so far on the test subject she's experimenting on.

The organization are more likely developing a second generation of 901-ATT troopers.

I'm afraid to suspect that the organization has deep branches and roots over several of the political, finance, and management affairs run from within the Empire, the militia, and the public relations.
They likely are under control of Section 9 (The Invisible 9), as just many if not all of the first eight sections. I hope I might be wrong, and at least Section 3 is not owned by them.

Given Colt's unscrupulous actions, who he was the one reporting about the tank to an unknown source, he's as well participant from that organization, and since Alice back-neck thing, "Spider Sense", tingled when reporting the tank to Colt, then she would certainly be going back to him for questioning or ask permission for Section 3 to keep watchful eyes on him.
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