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Episode three saddens me due that I can sympathise with the burden that both Shouko and Hiro had to endure, however, both they share their spare of the fault though how from Shouko's opinion the guilt more inclines toward Hiro.

Yes, it was harsh and put it too crude for Hiro promising Shouko to return. She waited season after season only for the end to receive a letter instead of him, and read such a cold reply that gave no explanation for the things he had to take care back in Japan.

At the same time, Shouko should just not had kept silence and shut herself all contact from Hiro. She should have chosen to return to Japan at that time, if only to find and snapped at him demanding a thorough explanation for why he left her.

What makes me more miserable is realizing the fact that Karada's against her knowledge is getting involved as a motive for Shouko to misguide her depression, and as a reason for Hiro to justify his actions for what he had to do for her instead of Shouko.

If I were him, I would have contacted Shouko either through phone or e-mail and delicately explained about Karada, next arranged a meeting with Shouko and reconcile what grudges should have risen as understanding that Shouko would have felt deceived for keeping Karada a secret from her, following both agreeing to take care of Karada living with us, and thus finally bring Karada home with us and raising her as if were family.
That would have been the best scenario possible to work out.

But what's done is done. Whatever choice Hiro made he hurt himself since he forced upon himself a tough choice whether to raise Karada or carry on with Shouko.

Would actually Hiro trust Shouko? and would Shouko comes to realize the burden he carried on himself for the two girls most precious to him?

And from the preview, through my understanding I see that Hiro's relunctant to trust Shouko's words that she and Karada change ages, or maybe the encounter was too of a sudden for him.
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