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That's correct, according to cyan-san, the same source who announced the new Evangelion movie (which is confirmed now) said that there will be a second season for Suzumiya Haruhi scheduled for next year (2007) Fall.

Also mentioned in that entry (and this was mentioned in a few other places as well) is a second season of Zero no Tsukaima in the works too (by JC Staff), also scheduled for next year Fall.

Might as well translate that entry:
Originally Posted by MOON PHASE
Haruhi season two was originally planned for the year after next year, but the schedule was sped up and now it looks like it's confirmed for next year Fall. By the way, it looks like a Zero no Tsukaima season two is also in works for a next year Fall start as well.

PS. I'm surprised at the huge response towards the Haruhi second season rumor, even though I didn't even talk about it all that much. By the way, the source is a wire from the same person who provided me with the announcement of the new Eva movie earlier.

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