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Finally watched this.

Can't say I really enjoyed it. Mainly, I didn't enjoy the second half, I should say.
Spoiler for Manga differences, minor:

And the conversation was different/odd because of the small differences they'd already established in the previous episode which are involved in this whole plot. For instance,
Spoiler for Manga difference, minor:

The first half was also a bit drawn out, and thus seemed less suspenseful. A few minor differences, but I don't really mind them except in that they probably existed just to draw the scene out.
Spoiler for Manga differences, minor:

So yeah, the pacing killed this episode. Anyway, people are discussing what they think this series will be able to fit in, but by now it should be clear, they will not be able to do all 108 chapters.
Spoiler for Episodes vs. chapters:
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