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The Terror of Death
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Originally Posted by myopius View Post
"Ah, what indeeed." Great line, and I really wonder what Karen was thinking right then.
(I see that it's "saa nandarou" to be exact by Eleutheria's transcription.)
I loved that line as well. Especially the delivery, he was so casual about it.

When Lelouch was researching the Geass, and found that it has a range of 270 meters, etc. How did he find that out? Is information about the Geass public? C.C. comments that he "sure [has] studed it a lot", so did that mean that he collected all that information from his own observations (if so, how did he know about the cerebellum? It can't be, or the purists would realize what Zero is. Also, do we know what the line "If it has the property of light, then reflection is also possible" means yet?
It was probably testing on behalf of Lelouch. I mean, the Geass is a great weapon, but it would be a fatal mistake to think that lacks any sort of limitations. It would do him no good to try and Geass someone in a life or death situation, only to find out the target is too far away to be affected... though, it's somewhat hard to get direct eye contact at that distance (270 meters), ne?
The cerebellum thing is probably a theory that Lelouch came up with to explain the memory loss.
As for the last thing, it most likely means that if the Geass is similar enough to light, that it can work in the same manner. Meaning, he could theorectically Geass someone around a corner with the assistance of a mirror instead of having to get into a direct line of sight with the target. Most likely he has yet to test this, since he said "if".


Yeah, I immediately noticed the Pizza Hut this episode... that was way too obtrusive x.x .
We've said it before... and we'll say it again: Pizza Hut supports the rebellion.
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