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Great ^^

I'll post the covers in this post too >.<

A question: The manga was serialized in Young Magazine Uppers (which got defunct) and continued in Morning, but why are there also another 9 volumes (with different covers) of this manga ? was Piano no Mori restarted with a different story in Morning and thus there are 2 different Piano no Mori manga ? or were the first 9 volumes republished with different covers (probably after it started serialization in Morning)?

Anyway, I'll post all the available covers (with the mentioning of what comic imprint they got published under).


Piano no Mori
Published under the seinen comic imprint Uppers KC.
Serialized in: Young Magazine Uppers.
There are 9 volumes:


Piano no Mori
Published under the seinen comic imprint Morning KC.
Serialized in: Morning.
Currently 12 volumes:


The manga is being scanlated by Reimu Manga group.

From Reimu Manga:

Amamiya-kun turns over a leaf at his new school, but he soon finds himself bullied by the other children. A dare to play the mysterious piano in the local forest ignites his meeting with an equally mysterious child who goes by the name of Ichinose Kai. Who strangely enough is the only one capable of getting sound out of the thought to be broken piano.
Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Drama
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