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Originally Posted by Furudanuki View Post
OK, three dream girlfriends from anime. Not necessarily the "hottest" or the "cutest". And disregarding age difference - otherwise this would be mostly an exercise in futility...
Sad, but true for me as well!

It's tough at my age to find a dream girl in the anime universe. At this point I'll trade moe for a woman who's experienced the joys and sorrows of living and knows how to share them with someone she loves. Anime characters, especially the best-developed characters like the protagonists and the major supporting characters, are usually well under thirty. Older characters, especially older men, are often annoying parodies like the pervy fathers in FLCL and Kasimasi.

Older (lets define this as over 30) anime women tend to come in only a few varieties as well. We have a wide variety of crones, usually physically unattractive minor characters designed to advance the plot. Many of these are well into their sixties or older. More appealing to me are the array of beautiful professional women, usually scientists or doctors in their thirties, but sadly also usually childless and cold. Good exemplars include Evangelion's Ritsuko or, in the series I'm currently watching, Julia from Blood+. I often find these characters attractive for their good looks and their intelligence. Sometimes they don't always make good decisions, though. For instance, I lost some respect for Julia when she turned up in that evening dress for Saya's private school ball. Still, most of these women are a good two decades or more younger than me, and most seem too emotionless to imagine having anything beyond a tryst with.

Yet, despite an even greater age difference, I can imagine working something out with the strikingly beautiful, intelligent and resourceful Nina Fortner of Monster. I'm sure I could enjoy being her sensei while she finishes her studies in law and politics.

In comparison to Julia, this is the most provocative item in Nina's wardrobe. While just as amply endowed as Julia, Nina shows her good taste by leaving at least something to our imagination. And despite her age, Nina has had, to put it mildly, more than her share of life experiences. (I should mention I find the linked screenshot of Nina especially cute because it includes that line from the background music, the Ronettes' "Be My Baby," part of the sound track of my adolescence.)

I just scanned my collection of anime and can think of only one woman in the set that is contemporary with me, the main character Chiyoko from Millenium Actress, and then only for a portion of the movie. The only other "older" woman I recalled from this scan is Hibiya Chitose, Hideki's landlady in Chobits. Of course, she's really a scientist (and author) and probably belongs in the same category as Ritsuko, though she's obviously a much warmer personality.

So let me now follow in Furudanuki's footsteps and sweep away any contact with reality by picking a few of the countless delightful young ladies that make up the vast majority of anime women. Like some others here, I was especially struck by Tsukamoto Yasumo. She definitely has it all together, especially when compared to the rest of the SR cast. Why Kenji can't see past the blockhead Tenma to the lovely Yasumo is beyond me. (Of course, speaking of blockheads, Kenji can't see how much better off he'd be with Ojo-san either.)

Another favorite of mine is Nakajima Youko from Juuni Kokki. Not the whiny, ineffective Youko from Tokyo, of course, but the beautiful, strong-willed leader she becomes after her arrival in the Kingdoms. However it's probably a bit difficult to build a relationship with an immortal who'll always look eighteen.

One other young woman who caught my attention is Munemune from Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade. Not the ecchi Munemune who appears in most of the episodes, but the shy young woman who becomes the lover of the arcade's mystic designer in the aftermath of World War II.

She had such an air of intelligence and mystery about her, even though she speaks rather rarely in this episode.

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