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Hand in the OP

Originally Posted by Retsoor View Post
The hand looked like C.C.'s, but the sequence implies loss of control and quite a lot of emotion and C.C. hardly fills the criteria, at least not yet. The hand is most likely Nanally's, reaching out to her estranged brother who has spontaneously spawned wings on his back to symbolize his kingship.
I do not buy the theory yet:
So let's make a little investigation.

Below contains some screenshot of this episode; thus a very minor spoiler... you aren't seeing anything really..


So after this investigation: It is highly likely that the hand in the OP is CC's hand.
There are quite a lot of emotion in there for some reason. May be CC is hiding something. It is true that she is searching for Lulu for sometime (ep1, she said, I found him).

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