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Credits go to anthology_on for the translation. Source: Pash! vol. 09.

The two pair's relationship which interests us
Suzaku & Euphie: The two which their relation is still only as a princess and one pilot. It seems not until Suzaku becomes Euphie's official knight, will their relation start to change.

Lelouch & C.C: Lelouch tells words of gratitude to C.C, who becomes emotional when her real name is known. The incident makes them an important existence to each other.

Asks the producer with all our might
Lelouch's hesitation and decision: "It also is a fact that while Lelouch decides to go through the path of war for his purpose, his hesitation and indulgence is not yet all gone. But an incident in the future makes him need to throw away his indulgence. He will be forced to choose the distressful option. We are planning to show the fright of geass with the occurences, more like a retaliation for using the geass as much as he likes and killing a lot of people."

Suzaku's darkness: There is a reason for Suzaku reacting the more atrocious other people's death is? "In a way, it's a flip of guiltiness. Like his father's death will be a waste if he doesn't hold on here and accomplish his goal. The secrets Suzaku carries will be shown in the future." This is out of topic but his father has a really thick eyebrow. "I guess Suzaku is like his mother(laughs)."

The girls surrounding Lelouch: "An incident will make him abruptly intimate with Shirley. Kallen is more like gathering one sided feeling towards Zero than love. Lelouch knows about Kallen's feelings, but the stance of meaning to use her does not change. You may catch a glimpse of something like love between C.C. But these two may be more like an important partner than a love relationship?"
Note: Italics are mine.

Brave Women!Cornellia: There also is a past that she respected Lelouch's mother.

C.C's mystery: There seemed to be scenes of C.C communicating with someone but who is it? "It may be like accessing somewhere like the grand spiritual world(?) with her form of consciousness. We still don't know about the personal connection between the emperor and C.C. But the emperor may be communicating with the grand sprititual world(?) also, and they may be contacting each other while they're not even realizing."
NOTE: the nun at the lower right corner is reported to be the original C.C.

Laksharta(the blond woman who appeared in the OP): A former Lloyd's fellow worker. She now is away from the military and is developing airframes. There is a story between Lloyd?

From Newtype

50 questions to Lelouch!

1.Birthday: December 5th.
2.Blood type: A.
3.Height?: 178cm.
4.Your favorite color?: Purple. It's said it's a noble color, above all it has a mysterious charm to it.
5.Hobby: Things like sunday carpentry, and I also like handicrafts.
6.Liberal type? Scientistic type? Physical type?: THAT IS A MEANINGLESS QUESTION.
7.Subject you're good at?: Mathematics.
8:How's your grade?: Somewhere in the higher rank I guess, I don't know.
9.Your future ambition: DEFEAT BRITANNIA.
10.Express your personality within six words and more than two words: 岩。 That's one word, but you read it 「いわ」(iwa=rock)! Meaning that I don't get upset with small matters. That's not true? Yes it is.
11.Please tell me your merits and demerits: I never even thought about it.
12.Your favorite food: Something dancy and trembly. Like lobsters and puddings.
13.Food you dislike?: Sticky things. Like nattou and grated yams.
14.The first thing you taste in the morning: Coffee.
15.Morning type? Night type?: Night type. The same as the spring of Minelva.
16.Bathtub person or a shower person when you take a bath?: I got in a small bathtub for the first time when I came to Japan. Once in a while is nice.
17.When is your first love?(To whom?): First love is a thing I want to keep only to myself.
18.Your biggest failure in the past: I wasn't able to protect my mother and my little sister.
19.A way to blow off your irritation: Find out the cause of your irritation and get rid of it. You wouldn't get irritated again if you do so.
20.Who is the hero for you?: My mother.
21.Indoor type? Outdoor type?: I never thought about it, and I don't find any meaning to classify.
22.Contents inside your wallet: I don't carry coins. Cards I do.
23.Your speciality: May be clever with my hands.
24.How to attend your school: I'm living inside the school.
25.Moments when you think it was good to be a man: I never imagined myself as a woman.
26.What do you want to eat right now?: Curry udon. That is a food which surpassed the barrier of culture.
27.Tell me your ideal picture of a family: There is a central pillar in a old Japanese construction. One pillar supports the whole house. The head of the family should be like that.
28.Your favorite season: Winter. Cuz it tightens my feeling. I don't like summer cuz it recalls bad events.
29.Do you wake in good humor? Or a fretful mood?: Fretful it seems. I have a low blood pressure.
30.How many hours do you sleep averagely?: About 3hours. Maybe about 6hours if I include the afternoon naps.
31.The dream you saw yesterday: I saw a dream of a meteorite falling upon and pressuring me. C.C's bad sleeping manner is the cause.
32.Time you take preparing in the morning: I'm never concerned about time.
33.Do you have anyone you respect?: Arthur.
34.Please tell me how you spend time in the holidays: Holidays? I don't have conceptions like that.
35.European food? Japanese food?: What is European food? Oh, it's a generic term? European food then, I like Italians.
36.What do you want to become if you reincarnate?: Arthur.
37.What are you into nowadays?: Forming an organization.
38.Your favorite animal?: Cats. They are pliant and beautiful. Like a waltz. Arthur is... It's a a folk song but...oops.
39.What is the most important thing within food, clothing and shelter?: Shelter. It's the people's base and the refuge. That is how the standard of a country should be like.
40.This is sudden, but what is love?: A thing you give without limitation.
41.Imagine yourself 30years later: I want you to pray that my hair would not become like rolls...
42.If you can time leap, when do you want to go back to?: I guess the misfortunes are preventable if I bring the memories I have right now.
43.Your favorite books(Magazines you read frequently): The Legend of the Ring. Il Principe. Hamlet.
44.Type of female you like: A soft person. Do you get this meaning?
45.Are you a type who gives or is given?: I feel replete to love someone then to get loved.
46.Did you get any valentine day's chocolate last year? How many?: I'm not telling.(You're saying I didn't get any?) I did get some! Though somehow Nunally got more than me.
47.What would you do if you won a million dollars?(If you won a lottery?): I'll make that 10times using the fund.
48.What kind of person is Suzaku?: Too nice to the point of a fool....
49.It's already the 49th question. Are you starting to get tired?: I'm already tired from the first 5questions.
50.What do you want for Christmas?: A sawing machine. I'll make a new mask and a cloak.
*Rolls on the floor breathless with laughter*
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