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Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
oh yes! XD so does this mean that C.C. tramples on top of him during his sleep? XD
point 23 is also suspicious
That, or she snores like a chainsaw.
I wonder if this means she is going to find out about Lulu's secret. Could be very interesting. =D
Perhaps, but it could also mean that she's making a desperate maneuver to force-spark some romance between her and Lelouch, since he doesn't seem to want to take the lead or isn't responsive enough for her tastes. In other words, she jumps him. Another hypothesis to throw around is that she narrowly escapes some tragedy thanks to Lelouch's intervention and she tries to find comfort in his arms in a one-night stand.
Lelouch's hesitation and decision: "It also is a fact that while Lelouch decides to go through the path of war for his purpose, his hesitation and indulgence is not yet all gone. But an incident in the future makes him need to throw away his indulgence.
I'm rather concerned by this - it somehow makes me afraid that Nanally's safety will be jeopardized and drive him to the brink of madness. Either that or she's a goner. I don't imagine anything else that'd make him snap...unless he realizes that it's Suzaku who's thwarted him a couple of times so far and he'd feel deeply betrayed.

EDIT: for those who were awaiting it, here's Suzaku's 50 questions.
Translation credits go anthology_on.

1.Birthday: July 10th.
2.Blood type: O.
3.Height?: 276cm.
4.Your favorite color?: Red. Because it has a passionate image. And it also is in my name.(It's in katakana, but meaning if you change it into kanji...)*朱雀(Suzaku),朱=vermilion, red*
5.Hobby: Like fishing, I used to go frequently in the past days.
6.Liberal type? Scientistic type? Physical type?: I'm a rather athletic person, so I guess the physical type...
7.Subject you're good at?: Physical Education...I guess. That's not good, is it? I'll put more efforts in.
8:How's your grade?: I'm not sure since I only started attending school. I was able to attend do to kindness, so I'm intending to work hardly.
9.Your future ambition: This country to become a country without conflicts.
10.Express your personality within six words and more than two words: てんねん(a going-my-way person) I thought it may be true, after Millay-san mentioned so. I kind of can't deny when the president mentions.
11.Please tell me your merits and demerits: I guess my serious sides may be my merits. I make small mistakes often, since I also have a rough side. That is my demerits.
12.Your favorite food: I like rich foods. Something like demiglace sauce and stuff.
13.Food you dislike?: Cecil-san's original cookings. This conversation is to be kept only within us.... It's quite hard to take.
14.The first thing you taste in the morning: The toothbrush.
15.Morning type? Night type?: I was in the military for long, so basically a morning type. Though I can sleep anywhere anytime, if I intend myself to sleep.
16.Bathtub person or a shower person when you take a bath?: Shower mostly.
17.When is your first love?(To whom?): The maid who was in the house when I was little. I was still three or so, but I'm precocious.
18.Your biggest failure in the past: Things you have really mistaken is a matter you can't tell people.
19.A way to blow off your irritation: Shout out to the sky loudly. Of course, where people are'nt around....
20.Who is the hero for you?: I think people who run through with their beliefs for their important person or their people they love, can be called a hero.
21.Indoor type? Outdoor type?: Outdoor type.
22.Contents inside your wallet: I'm the king of small cash.
23.Your speciality: I can run fast. When escaping? No, no.
24.How to attend your school: By walking. Since I live accross the street of the school with the passage.
25.Moments when you think it was good to be a man: I don't have to mind about makeups and stylishness. But it doesn't differ a lot if you're in the military.
26.What do you want to eat right now?: Gorgeous four pizza. It's gorgeous. I'd like to try once.
27.Tell me your ideal picture of a family: I won't aim too high. If I am only able to be with the person I love.
28.Your favorite season: Spring. I like cherryblossoms, and won't you feel excited?
29.Do you wake in good humor? Or a fretful mood?: I wake up in an instant.
30.How many hours do you sleep averagely?: I sleep for at least 6hours.
31.The dream you saw yesterday: I was attacked by a gigantic creature. It was frightening, since the face of the thing was Arthur.
32.Time you take preparing in the morning: 2minutes when I'm fast, 5minutes when I'm slow. Three minutes is used for brushing my teeth.
33.Do you have anyone you respect?: Cecil-san is a kind person who is reliable. And also, Lady Euphemia. Oh, they're all woman.
34.Please tell me how you spend time in the holidays: I go out to the city. Since I can directly feel the people's living.
35.European food? Japanese food?: Miso soup is a must. So I'm in the middle of making a miso.
36.What do you want to become if you reincarnate?: I think animals are'nt also bad when looking at Arthur. Though I still want to become a human afterall.
37.What are you into nowadays?: Relating with the student council members. It has been a long time, having friends again.
38.Your favorite animal?: I like all animals.
39.What is the most important thing within food, clothing and shelter?: Food is the basic, but I also am being careful with my outfit.
40.This is sudden, but what is love?: It may be a thing you take away from people. Though that is sad a thing.
41.Imagine yourself 30years later: I bet I have more hair than Lelouch(laughs).
42.If you can time leap, when do you want to go back to?: The summer days I spent time with Lelouch and Nunally.
43.Your favorite books(Magazines you read frequently): I frequently read magazines of cats nowadays.
44.Type of female you like: Women with a strong spirit is attractive. Liking older women? No, I didn't mean like that....
45.Are you a type who gives or is given?: I want to experience to be given, but I guess I'm a type ending up giving.
46.Did you get any valentine day's chocolate last year? How many?: I don't relate with things like that.....
47.What would you do if you won a million dollars?(If you won a lottery?): If I won a lottery.... First of all, I'll use it for my school fee. Since I'm in a place of getting helped by people.
48.What kind of person is Lelouch?: He looks cold outwardly right? But he actually is a passionate and a kind person.
49.It's already the 49th question. Are you starting to get tired?: No, it's ended really fast.
50.What do you want for Christmas?: I don't need it for myself. I hope that portion to be given to the children.
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