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Image One
(I assume "Vincent", but I don't know the character names... )
Firstly, as celcius pointed out, the neck is a little too long, even as a stylistic trait. I think it needs shortening a little.

The second problem is the angle of the neck.

The idea of making it slope outwards is correct, but, if you follow the neck line in your original, you'll see the neck becomes way too thick at the base (see the image above). This is actually a minor problem made worse by the length of the neck: the longer the neck the thicker the base appears.

Last point: While you're correct to draw part of the underside of the chin, I think you've overemphasized it a little.

Other than that, very nice drawing. I'm quite liking the angular look and the coloured pencil shading, very nice style.

Image Two

Again a very nice style and generally good picture. However, you're having problems with necks again.

In this one you have the neck drawn too far forward (towards our left). This makes the neck look very thick, almost as if the poor guy is suffering from a thyroid problem. If you work out the head structure and think where the hidden ear should be, you can get an idea for where the neck should go. See the "before" picture on the left.

This is compounded by the lack of neck line at the back. The hair that curls under the ear distracts the eyes from the natural neck line making the head appear to be hanging on to the body at the wrong angle. Moving the front part and altering the angle of the back of the neck clears this up.

The last problem is the hands. In your original the thumb is squashed and the palm of the hand elongated, as if the hand is broken or been run over by a car.

Might actually be a style thing (I know some artists like very slender hands), but I think it looks uncomfortable / unnatural.
As a general comment your clothing looks a little flat. See the cuffs and the collars? They come across as almost infinitely thin. You may have done that on purpose though, as it doesn't actually matter in these two pictures. The flatness works with the style and the colouring technique. In other styles (more photo-realistic rendering) you'll want to be sure to give the cloth thickness.
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