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You'd think that someone who could pull off Moon Phase and Pani Poni Dash could handle this series with his eyes closed, but it looks more and more like Shinbo is in over his head. I just really get the feeling of watching a juggler with a few more objects in the air than he is comfortable with.

I went into the series loving the re-interp and the fresh style but the back of my brain is starting to chirp "trainwreck ahead.... *glorious* trainwreck... but still a trainwreck". It may have a lot of action but the series is based on material that, at its heart, is still character-driven.

In the manga, whatever Ken A. thinks he is doing ("I'm a doing an action manga, yo!"), Negima is still pretty much character-driven entertainment and that needs to be tended to in the anime or the people with the wallets may be unamused.

Just how *is* this series doing with the Japan fans? Anyone got some ratings or anecdotal noises?
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