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Originally Posted by guuchan View Post
Yeah, I believe it's a mistake they made. First year student should have worn the teal ribbon instead.
Actually, it may not necessarily be a mistake. Their school may utilize an 'rotatting colours' system, one that ensures that a student that enrolls in a particular year is given one colour for her freshman year, and then sticks with that colour all the way til senior year.

Let me illustrate:

The first year, Mai and Sayuri enrolls in the school as freshmen. They are given the ribbon colour for that year; which happens to be blue. At that time, the sophomore year's colour would be teal, and the senior year would be maroon.

Year 1
Freshmen: BLUE - Mai, Sayuri
Sophomore: TEAL
Senior: MAROON

The second year, Mai and Sayuri ascend into sophomore year, but the blue ribbon remains with them. In line with the rotation of colours, the sophomores of the previous year who wore teal, becomes seniors this year, still wearing teal. The freshmen of this year get the maroon of the previous year's seniors, including Nayuki and Kaori.

Year 2
Freshmen: MAROON - Nayuki, Kaori
Sophomore: BLUE - Mai, Sayuri
Senior: TEAL

In the third year, the year Aizawa Yuuichi transfers into the school, Mai and Sayuri become seniors, and the blue ribbon sticks with them to become the senior's colour for that year. As for Nayuki and Kaori, the same applies to them with the maroon ribbon. The teal ribbon of the seniors of the previous year is rotated back to become the ribbon of the freshmen that year, which is the colour Shiori and Amano gets.

Year 3
Freshmen: TEAL - Shiori, Amano
Sophomore: MAROON - Nayuki, Kaori
Senior: BLUE - Mai, Sayuri

Therefore, every female student of this school uses one colour all throughout her school life, and this would explain why Mai and Sayuri is still seen wearing the blue ribbon even in their freshman year. This is actually a more sensible system than having the female students change colour each year; less waste of resources, less unnecessary complications. Therefore, it's not necessarily a mistake on KyoAni's part; for all I know, that's really how the school system in Japan, or at least in the Kanonverse, works.

P.S. The subs are working really slowly for me too. Sigh. >_<
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