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What lies beyond Pain and Tragedy... Comfort in Anger...


There are few things in this life that can lead a person to experience such feelings.. intangible, formless, without words...

Unfortunaly what can be used to describe such events is nowadays mostely seen as cliche, but even if it may seem as such.., there are little times, very little in fact.. when we experience moments that present us with immaculated forms of beauty.
And though what I wish to englobe in this is but a Anime story, Rozen Maiden has lead me to experience something truly unique.

Tragedy is Beauty in all its Perfection...


What I am about to writte down now has probably already been said and discussed times back; as I have gone through all the pages many opinions where stated regarding all the events that unfolded...; never the less even though I was not here with you all during the time when both episodes first aired, I would not forgive myself, as someone who has felt so much for this story not to share my prespectives.

Almost 1 year has passed and my expectations where definitly not in vain.. Ouverture was all that I had hoped for and even more then I could have imagined.

Probably the first thing that all like myself where surprised was definitly the way that Peach-Pit decided to deliver us this prequel in the story; doing such in the form of a explination (due to a event that happened while we where still in the middle storytime of Traumend) was simply brilliant..
Hence not only giving us the chance to re-live short special aspects that we have loved while seeing Rozen Maiden for the first time.., aspects like Shinku bossing Jun arround, Suisei Seki embarresed and then beating on Jun ~desu, Kanaria still trying to sneak into the House, a bit of a Kun-Kun episode, and last Enju with Bara Suishou in his arms.. (something that also gaved us a in-sight on how in fact Enju's main and only wish was for his doll to be victorious over the Rozen Maiden, as so that his creation would have surpassed those of his master...).

But most importantly, aside from all of this... it not only gaved us the reasons as to why the hatred between Shinku and Gin existed when we first saw them, but it brought us back to the begining of the entire story.

It toke me a while to understand why some mencioned as to which "side" I would stand; but as in my prespective all of what happened that we witnessed in Ouverture was a culmination of all the aspects that toke place.., from love, pain, disbelief, vanity, betrayal, anger and revenge... the conclusion we saw is a result of all these feelings.
Not because it was ment to be or because someone is to blame.. but simply because it was how they unfolded; each is a crucial part in the overall equation.

As it was (even though it pains me to say this) Rozen's choice on Gin... something that again.. I could not have imagined to this point just how tragic and dramatic her existence had been..
If it was Rozen's plan to deprive Gin of love and affection so that she could experience the pain of beeing alone and outcasted, learning then compassion towards those in the same position..; And above all on her own still fightning and showing love for that which made her the way she was, hopeing to prove that she was worth becoming Alice instead of just thinking " I am worth it "..., we might never know.., but I myself.. would like to think so..

Unfortunatly though.. the course of a story is not always linear, as other aspects came into play... willing, unwilling, by other characters involved. In the end.. aspects that are part of how we are, how each person is in terms of understanding each other.

We are taken back to a time as where Shinku still only viewed the Alice Game as something she was destined to take part and win, regardless of the consequences...
Arrogant and vainness as the one whom Father loved the most, the one who was stronger amongst all of the Rozen Maiden and the one who was destined to become Alice...; having recieved Rozen's most precious gift and not knowing any pain or suffering automaticaly placed her (in her own head) above all the other dools..., even if sometimes it was not her intention to do such..
Due to her limited experience at the time, this was always how she viewed herself, it was not her fault for doing such...; beeing this where the tragedy starts... she was not aware of anything else, of what it would be like to have experienced what Gin had.

So even though she helped Gin with love and not pitty.., she always was in disbelief towards the fact that Gin was a Rozen Maiden, for in her mind how could Father had created something so flawed and that would still have the same chance as herself (Shinku) to become Alice..

Shinku did in fact cared for Gin, but like in often happens in real life... Shinku for not knowing the feelings and pain Gin did... made the mistake of caring too much but overlooking things on a diferent prespective... only wanting to see her happy instead of acknowledging that what was most important to Gin was to be viewed as an equal..

For Gin, having experienced the pain of beeing left behind, to watch as Father built and showed love for each of her sisters while to her all of this was denied with no given explination; it goes beyond words the force of will that she made to on her own pull herself and try to still show Father that even though she had made her like this.. she still loved him above all.
Even beeing incompleat.. she was still a Rozen Maiden, and loved Father probably more then any other of her sisters..; despite not having a Rosa Mystica, for this alone.. she deserved to be viewed as an equal...

Thus when she learned as to how Shinku viewed her when in par with all the Rozen Maiden, even when she was now given a Rosa Mystica and acepted by Father... she felt betrayed for the fact that the one who had extended a hand to her when no one else did always thought of her as beeing inferior and never worthy of even beeing granted the chance to reach Alice..

This betrayal hurt her so deep, for she had viewed Shinku as her one and true friend, the one whom she owed everything from beeing able to walk, to smile to even now having the possibility to show Father that there was no reason for him to be ashamed of her... that it quickly shifted to anger.. blinding her compleatly from trying understand that it was not Shinku's fault why she acted as she did, for she did not know any better..

Compleatly blinded now, thinking Shinku only showed pitty for her as a way to heighten herself, always laughtning down thinking she was superior... Gin turned to the only action she had left.. saying to Shinku that she was not the one who was worth becoming Alice and destroying the Brooch that Father made for her as revenge..

For Shinku that Brooch was Father's gift to her.. the object she most treasured above all for it showed just how much Father loved her..., as soon as Gin destroyed it Shinku was then with no other choice then to counter-attack Gin where it hurt the most, her weakest point... calling her Junk..

Beeing this.. as how and why the tragedy occured.., leading us to the conclusion we saw..
No one is to blame... the way as to how circustances flowed is how the story unfolded.. dramatic, tragic.. absolutley beautiful..

To me having seen all of this play out was realy beyond words..., on many times as I saw Gin crying in pain, seeing her smile with Shinku... to then in the end the explosion of anger on both parts tears streamed down my face.., and probably not even if I where to cut down my wrists I would feel the same pain that Gin did..

Ouverture did not in fact deliver many answers in terms how Rosa Mysticas where created and aspects alike.., but most importantly it gaved us the entire compleat background on Gin and her relation with Shinku.

However some aspects that hold some relevant significance must not be forgotten..;
aspects like Sousei Seki's devotion towards Father for example; aspect this that we now can conclude that was always built into her caracter from the begining, solely and only her wish was always to fulfill Father's desires.
Beeing the reason as to why we where not able to see this in Season 1 was due to her display of devotion towards her master instead.

And of course.. Laplace.., whom it seems has been assisting Enju longer then we had imagined.., but most importantly from what we witnessed he seems to act as a moderator in the Alice Game, holding even control over the Rozen Maiden..
Needless to say that, now more then ever... we can view him as someone who controls all the pieces in the boards and sets each stage always manipulating things behind the curtains.., I wonder now where all of this will lead too..

All and all though, to me this was to me the best part of the story that is Rozen Maiden so far..., now we can only imagine what a Season 3 will bring..

Sorry for the long post everyone ^^
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