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As request.. here's a simple tutorial to animate a sig.. we'll be animating the text in this 1

I wont go on how to make the sig 1st as its already covered several time before .. now, straight to animating it ..

Make a new layer right on top of the text you want to animate.. and fill it with a color.. I choose white for simplicity...

In my case here, its not white because i have the hue layer above it .. giving it a little bit of orangish color ^^. Oh, stop staring at the bottom pic

Next choose the gradient tool (1), and set a foreground color ... I choose black (contrast to white) then set the gradient to foreground to transparent in (2) then set it to reflected gradient style (3)

Make a tiny gradient ..

Now a little complicated... right click on the layer's name .. There should be a create clipping mask option available.. select it and presto! your new layer is now hidden behind the layer under it .. in our case, our text layer ^^

If you do things right .. you should have a tiny little arrow right next to the layer's thumbnail

testing the layer ..
press v or select the move tool ..

move it around .. you should see the gradient inside the text

Get the animation window window->animation.. Make a 2nd frame

On the 1st frame.. move the gradient layer to the begining of the text.. Select the 2nd frame and move the gradient layer to the end of the text.

Press tween and enter the numbers of frames to tween between the 2 initial frames.. more frames makes its smoother at the cost of filesize increase.

Final work

Remember, its not limited to gradient only .. experiment..

Too lazy to protect the tutorial from thief.. if you steal and claim it as your own, shame on you .. forgot to put my name on the final sig as well .. oh well, freebie released then .. *watched Cyz jump out and claim it later ..* O__O

I'll be honest, I have no idea how that bottom pic keep showing up on every tutorial pic ^^v
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