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Originally Posted by Daisuke CP9 View Post
By Semi ero scenes, can someone describe to me clearly what Henrietta and Siesta did to Saito in the novels?
...Why, Saito's romance saga (lol) before he became Louise's loyal slave past vol.8, of course.

You can see what I mean about Siesta here (it was vol.7, not 6. Bad memory )

As for Henrietta... I covered a little bit of that in my vol.5 summary post earlier in that thread as well.
But just to be a cheap spoiler, and as a one time service, I'll pick out the juicy part and translate a couple of pages from it:


Halfway through, I realized if I stopped without covering the "aftermath", it would only make Henrietta look like a.... well, you know, what Srin Tuar said.

Siesta and Henrietta = my two favorite characters.... I wonder why?
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