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Uh... Darker than Black was in February Newtype. Because I am useless and pathetic and Hei is turning more and more into the irresistable "zomg I won't tell anybody about my ANGSTY SECRET PAST!" type of silent low-key guy, I scanned it in.

We also get to see more of the characters from the Agency.

Misaki Kirihara 霧原未咲
The section Head of the whatever-department-it-is-which-I'm-too-lazy-to-translate. Being at such a level at the tender age of 27, she is obviously the "elite of the elite". She's out to find out about the shadowy activities of foreign "contractees". Or something.

Yuusuke Saitou 斉藤雄介
Assistant section chief. A faithful underling who provides support for Misaki's work. 4th grade Judo, 2nd grade Karate. It's rumoured that he's slightly interested in Misaki.

Yutaka Kouno 河野豊

Misaki's underling. Playboy who is popular with the chicks. Saitou is supposed to be his senior but their looks and personality are the complete opposite. (Well, that's what this says.) Despite all of this, he does his job well.

Nothing substantially new about Hei (except that he won't open himself to anyone and has TEH MYSTERIOUS PAST ZOMG LIKE WE COULDN'T GUESS!).
And about Yin, they say that ii seems that she used to be a bright girl who loved music, but obviously... Something Happened!

Finally, there is this unintroduced mysterious C.C.-ripoff in the background. I swear I thoguht she was C.C. the first time I saw her. No, really. Go look at the scan and tell me she doesn't even look vaguely like CC.

Some info from the text at the bottom: the Tokyo they intend to depict is full of foreigners. They said they chose Tokyo as their background because they wanted to get a feeling of reality (現実感が欲しかった) and they didn't want to create a completely unreal type of spy show, also they think that mixing fantastic elements (people with superpowers fighting) with a realistic backdrop would produce Interesting Results.

They aparently did a lot of location-hunting and spent a helluva lot of time taking photos and stuff (they seemed to be stressing on this). They claim that the level of detail to which Tokyo is portrayed in various episodes is so good that you could almost do a tour of it by just looking (if I understand this correctly). Okay.

There's a spread on Kissdom - Engage Planet - or whatever, but it's getting late.
Thanks for the fish
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